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  • hi, the things that I buy first was the paper, its the most important thing, the tipe of paper is cardstock, the one that everybody uses to make presentation cards. then you need tu buy:

    - fiberglass resin, I buy it in a shop in my town that specially sells fiberglass things
    - fiberglass
    - a Brush, not too big
    - tinner, a solving thing to keep in good conditions your brush
    - a electric sander if you want ( sand by hand its painfull)
    - Some plaster, or, like everybody knows it, "bondo" .. its to fix the imperfections.
    - find some tuppers that you dont use, you can use it to clean your brushes or to mix the fiberglass.
    If you need more help send me a message. check my thread, I'll be posting tips to make more easy the process of making an armor.. see ya
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