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    Pepakura Requests

    Has anyone come across shoulders for the Witch King from LOTR?
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    Pepakura Requests

    That sounds awesome
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    Pepakura Requests

    Does anyone have a pepakura for a Spartan helmet? (not Halo) One like from the movie 300? Thanks! Preferably with the raised section that would allow me to put in a "plume"
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    Daft Punk Thomas B bucket

    That looks incredible. I have a .pdo for the thomas helmet, but how do I only print the front part like you used? I also got it from thedaftclub
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    How to print only a portion of a pepakura

    Hey guys, Can someone tell me how to print only a portion of a pepakura file? The helmet (Thomas daft punk), I just want to print the front. When viewing the file in the program, it is already split into several sections on the 3d side. How do I go about finding out which pages is the front...