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    How did Jun die? be creative!

    I'm going with the Aliens reference. Pretty b.a. if you ask me.
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    "Help" Pep viewer doesn't have everything

    Thanks for help clearing up a noobish mistake.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Justin aka wolfman Age: 18 Profession: full time college Favourite hobbies: gaming, playing in a local rock band on and off, artist, airsofting Favourite halo:... ... ... Um, combat evolved Favourite tv show: top gear, doctor who (the old and new series), firefly I'm really just a nerd...
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    "Help" Pep viewer doesn't have everything

    I've downloaded the program multiple times, but I can't seem to get all of the options that are suppose to be in the program so I can't size my files. I'm running windows 7.