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    Reach Build

    I found a thread on the RPF, where the builder sealed his foam with PVA(like elmers glue). Here's the link He used Plastazote LD45 foam, it's smooth foam. Check it out for yourself.
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    My First Pep, Iron Man

    Here's a few more pics.
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    My First Pep, Iron Man

    Yeah, had to pick up some spot putty today, going to be working on this afternoon. Hopefully get the details in this weekend.
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    My First Pep, Iron Man

    Lets try this again.
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    My First Pep, Iron Man

    I started out using Dungbeetles file. All peped and put together. Getting ready for the resin. I used the playing cards to help separated the two pieces. First coat of resin. Final coat of resin. After some bondo and sanding. After the separation. Was'nt to bad...
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    Master Chief At Saints Monday Night Football!

    I was at the Saints vs Falcons Monday Night Football Game and someone was dressed in Master Chief Armor painted in black and gold Saints colors. I did'nt have my camera on me but I think he was on ESPN's coverage.
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    Robocop Pepakura Files

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished unfoldings, I'm going to start on the helment this weekend. I work for a local Police Department and I plan on building the ROBO suit to use at the Elementary Schools that I teach our DARE and GREAT programs at.