WTS Westwood

Hello! Some of you may know me as Master Groves on Facebook.
I came into the cosplay world unknowingly on November 12th 2012, the Release of Halo 4. I say unknowingly because I was primarily focused on becoming a Spartan. I didn't even know what cosplay was. (I was that guy)lol
Now, two years into it, I'm enjoying it to the fullest, filtering out the nerdism and soaking in the building of design.
I've played all of the Halo games but have not gone so far as to find and read the terminals or read the books. I just like the concept of the futuristic armor and nobility of the characters within the Halo universe. I've also come to respect and befriend the people who try and continue to succeed to simulate those characters while utilizing their crafting abilities, bringing the experience and never ending challenge of the craft to a reality.
I look forward to seeing all of your designs and threads!
Best of luck to you in your work!


Armor Making/ Cosplay/ Photo manipulation/ Art Direction
Feb 10, 1989 (Age: 31)
PT Graphic Designer and Illustrator.


Spartans never die, but craftsmanship doesn't lie. Create your best.



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