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    electric hot knife coments..

    Ive Just recently got a hot knife and after experimenting with it i find it much cleaner the lines better the edges cleaner. ive done it both ways and it is much less taxing on the fingers to do it with a hot knife regardless of what anyone says. and some of the cleaner foam people use hot...
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    2013 Comic con.

    WOndercon is always open! and its a blast aswell
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    Thought id show something i did that i thought was pretty cool and haven't really seen anyone do. Instead of the traditional reverse side of the foam on the upper vents of the back part of the reach torso i cut up soda cans and used to aluminum as the background. the picture doesn't do it...
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    HALO 4 SCOUT full build.....stony props style by Jim :)

    Incredible. i honestly thought it was a sculpted build. its hard to believe its foam
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    Grrr! We're freelancers! Red vs Blue WIP

    That bondo work Is MIND BLOWING! amazing job
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    I spent months on perfecting my white helmet and there are almost NO flaws on it it was perfectly pepped and i did as good of a job on the bondo and resin as one could. my question or advice i would ask is should i continue weathering it like the rest of my suit or just leave it clean and white...
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    thanks man any ideas feel free to throw at me.
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    thanks man! im using the cheap MK moto one i bought off amazon for like 30 bux and just wearing compression pants for lower. Going to a con next month and ill be adding to all that with foamie details on most of my moto jacket.
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    Not hard man you couyld pick it up fast. Love your suit by the way
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    Yea im still fairly new to the foam game and had no clue about the latex caulking that ive seen people use also i did all my cuts with crappy scissors and a box cutter. And i just recently bought a hot knife and a heat gun. So my next build i will go at it alot cleaner. Hot knifing my edges heat...
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    The Irish Cowboy's Mass Effect Builds

    this is inspiring. that helmet is a work of art.
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    our Halo Reach Operator and EOD build!

    looks fantastic my man!
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    heres another one im working on trying to put my airbrush to use
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    Halo reach foam/fiberglass suit (pic heavy)

    I guess im considered a noob but ive had a membership for years now. Just never completely got around to posting stuff. Ive got 4 suits but id like to show the last one i finished. still working on it but it was good enough to go to the premiere. let me...
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    How many completed halo costumes on the 405th?

    #274 #275 hopefully i finally figured posting images out but ive got 3 1/2 suits #276 blue is not mine new one im working on