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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    as we say in my country:'papa,yuh mash up de dance' brilliant work sir!keep pumping!
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    i'd like to get to work on a full suit of armor soon as i get out of the hospital.(long story)i know this is halo country but i'd really like to do a war machine but i cant find the pattern anywhere.could i be pointed in the right direction please? thanks in advance for any assistance...
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    How did you find us?

    took half a right turn at the corner back there... actually i had found out about pepakura most accidentally. I was stumbling around to find out if it could be used to make full scale stuff and i ended up here.well done Stumbleupon.
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    Introduce Yourself this thing on? right then, Name: Adika Thorne Profession: Tattoo artist,martial artist/self defense instructor and part time gamer Age: 24 years young Favorite Hobby:MMA and gaming (and making things apparently Favorite part of halo: let's see....Halo Favorite Halo: 2 Favorite...