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    Halo Reach Flexible Spine! And other build photos

    Wow! I figured, but I didnt know why it was so reflective and silver... that looks so incredibly good! Amazing job!
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    Halo Reach Flexible Spine! And other build photos

    Amazing! How did you get the hexagons on the visor?
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    Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build

    He vacuum formed it
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    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    Yeah... now that I got that reply I instantly new. Not having quotations threw me off but I now know exactly where we were XD. I thought you were going to go off that scene but oh well :b Also isnt the first scene in rvb "you ever wonder why we're here?" Its been a while
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    Sylvanas Windrunner

    I dont see it, but I will raise you with any one of Obvious Plants products. I highly reccomend you invest or look up their items for sale.
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    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    I dont underatand...
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    New Member to the 405th

    Hello and welcome! I recommend that you read many builds on this site. Figure out what you want to do for a build and look at other ones to se how they approached it and what tips/methods you can learn. Go through the gallery and look for really well done suits and find the build thread. Read...
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    Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build

    I understand your thought process here, but also... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?!?! this looks so good and I thought this was a joke, but knowing you it probably isnt... on something like that I dont even think YOU would notice the half a cm difference :b
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    Magnets vs Elastic/Velcro for Mk IV

    Elastic works good to strap to the body, but it will sag down sometimes, or fall down all the way based on body shape and gravity. You do not want it too tight anyway. It is based used when threaded through a fe w loops on the undersuit, sort of like a belt, just incase. Elastic also works well...
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    Covenant Build

    I think this is an awesome idea. Grunts are usually build for the kids by the parents because they are somewhat simple, and they are seen as small ingame. The fact that you will be doing this is awesome, and you will technically(probobly)be full scale. I really hope to see more covenant builds...
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    Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build

    Have your mom sew it. If she asks how complicated it is, dont show her the picture...
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    Magnets vs Elastic/Velcro for Mk IV

    This is to attatch the armor to itself and only itself right? So half a shin to the back half of the shin, etc? I vote velcro. I think it would be alot easier depending on the type used and position to better secure the bond. You would need very strong magnets and they can sometimes mess with...
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    Dash's 3d print thread

    What do I do? I cant unscrew it because it is stuck and it doesnt help that the part I need to unscreand is round. I can5 get a grip on it. there is nothing wrong with the block with lines on it, no fillament jam or anything that would prevent it from sliding in...
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    How do put together pieces for a pepakura design

    I use superglue, but sometimes the fumes give me a headache after a while, and it gets messy. I never have a pep that isnt covered in my fingerprints, and I'm not talking about the oils your hand leaves behind :b Some people prefer hot glue. I hate hotglue but I guess it works, but you can...
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    Never made a suit, have some questions.

    Pepakura is conventionally used to make armor out of paper, but if you remove tabs and account for the thickness of the foam, it is very easy to convert the templates to foam. I reccomend starting your own thread to post progress and questions, and watch videos/read threads on similar builds on...