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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    Every once in a while I get one of these. This is either the second or third time I've gotten it. I refreshed and it was gone. Dont know if it is the site or the wifi I was on... Also the zooming in thing is still an issue for me...
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    Need tips for first armor build

    Pepakura designer 4 is a trusted program that we all use and used by thousands more. I totally understand where you coming from with this but I assure you it is ok(unless it is a seed waiting to burst open many years later bacauae it was secretly designed by the government or something :b )...
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    Want to Buy 3d printing helmet parts

    I have no experience in 3d printing, nor how it works. Since I don't have any printers I can use around me or the money to buy one, and I do NOT want to pep another helmet and go through what I am now. I was wondering if anyone would give me an estimate on how much it would cost to print a...
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    One way colored material?

    I see what your saying and it's an interesting idea I could look into. I have worked with these tints before, and if it isnt a friction form tinting, it will actually destroy the acrylic/plexiglass as a chemical reaction is used to bond to glass. This will melt the plastic and cause bubbles from...
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    One way colored material?

    Looking at those eyes, it couldwork, but it is still slightly transparent. Thank you for reminding me about that, and the destiny sweeper robot and Adam savage astronaught helmet! I'll look into it more and see if I can make it more one way
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    My first build- Halo 4 MkVI foam

    Wow that is soooooo clean! Your doing an amazing job! Just wow
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    Need tips for first armor build

    I like to use contact cement as it is stronger than hot glue and will never break. The foam Mats from harbor freight are perfect, and are usually the cheapest place to get them if you have one near you. Always keep your knife sharp. You will hit a few challenges in the road. My best suggestion...
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    One way colored material?

    Good idea! I'll try that out! I did something like this for my robins hammer where I used a hidden counter light to make the hammer look like it had the glowing purple stone in it, but I wanted the color to be grey if the hammer was off so it didnt look out of touch. I spray painted fabric...
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    One way colored material?

    So I have been wanting to do a project for a while, but I dont know a way of doing it and was wondering if anyone has an idea... I wont tell you what the project is just yet, but is there a way to take acrylic and dye it or put a tint like object on it to make it a color that you can see out of...
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    Sean Anwalt's Halo 4/5 Master Chief build

    Great job on the suit! But looking at those textbooks, are you trying to make this suit into the first real life flying spartan? Xb
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    WIP First Build - ODST (Pep Helm/Foam Armor with pics)

    Looks good! My OCD is really kicking in because the tabs are on the outside XD I would recommend using something stronger than hot glue when popping as the glue on the outside may be a little troublesome with getting smooth after applying resin, and it doesnt always stay glued, but this looks...
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    Clone Wars Phase II Helmet 3D model?

    I really want to join the 501st, and I am zoned for the one with the coolest looking symbol in my opinion), but they want the armor to look as screen accurate as possible, and depending on what regiment you are in, they will only accept casts from the molds used in the movies, etc. I would do...
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    Helmet Visors

    Haha, this means war!:p
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    H3 Chief Armor - Build Progress

    343i community manager Andy [bravo] dudynski was given the name barvo bu the halo community as a joke and commonly used in the meme phrase "barvo plz". He kindof adopted it and There have been a couple Easter eggs in the halo games since referring to it. It's really just someone misspelling...
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    My Gears of War cosplay progress

    Wow. Just wow!! this is sooo good! CAAARRRMMMIIIIINNNEEEE!!