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    Covie Sword

    These are a couple different links to the Master Replicas Energy Sword:;osp=N268_9232
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    We'll be waiting with bellz........on our armor. :cool:
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    Hehe...uhh, we are friends... :) i just meant like friends I know in the "real world", not just cyberspace... :p But you don't live toooo far away... ;) And thanx everyone for the WELCOME! :D
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    Robert B. Westerfield Sr. Past Away Last Week

    I'm very sorry to hear that, Rob. :(
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    I just FINALLY joined. Tried to register a while ago, but... *shrug* Anywayz, I heard about this site/group through my friends Deadguy and Rob (Westerfield studios). I like dressing/armoring up, and I've worked on a lot of costumes and props (including Halo), and thought that I should get...