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  • thanks alot for you help, im working on a Noble 6 helmet and have my MKVI done, just needs about another 3 coats of resin then its off to the visor portion.

    seriously, thanks alot for your help!
    i am hoping it will be cool :cool:... and good luck with yours too. which helmet you wearing there? i am also hoping to get some borderlands weapons done too when i find a link.. and even tho u are only 15 that was the age i started out with model painting and stuff so really mate keep at it.. the only thing stopping me now is the ink for printer and the measurements, resin ect... lol :D
    BUT i will succeed.....
    cool. im only 15 so I dont really have any other suit to work on than mine. If you do make a progress thread let me know. lookin forward to see some progress.
    hey guys an gals am new and hopefully gonna be putting up some armour on here soon of me an my boy wearing some and ave got a grunt suit for my 3 yr old too. but as a family man and 1 extra on the way it mite be some time.. thanks for viewing my profile srry there isn't much yet :D names on arm are of my two boys not my boyfreinds..:p
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pepakura, armour building, model painting reading, gaming, ect.
Mar 24, 1981 (Age: 43)
construction and shutdown work..


PEP TIP Always check your pep dowloads 2D window pane for flaps overlapping:)