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    Legendary Skull files

    wow rundown you finally released it thank you lots. and lots and lots, Great work sir ;)
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    Halo legendary shield

    Any Joy to the both of you lol :)
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    of to play halo 4 ;D

    of to play halo 4 ;D
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    Halo legendary shield

    Sorry for the double post but that sir looks awesome already.. :D and you may be the first to actually own a decent or even the only one who has a 3D model of the legendary skull. you have no idea how long i have searched for a 3D file of this thing..... Its likes none existent really it is...
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    Halo legendary shield

    Ha nice, back to work on it then?? I think you mite actually be the first if you complete it all, no pressure then ;) ;) nah by the looks of it you seem to have this project owned. good work mate :D
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    Halo legendary shield

    No problem. I aim to help in any way I can on here :) and if you make changes may I have a copy please as its basic so any changes is an improvement Enjoy :D
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    Halo legendary shield

    I sent a link to with a basic low poly elite as i was after a pepakura version but struggling with it loads:confused :rolleyes so i will pop it here then if any one would like it to do a more complex 3d model then please send me a copy after. please, please, please, although i will work on it...
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    Need help modelling an elite skull

    alright golem still after a low poly model? and i took interest in this thinking you was making a 3d pep file not knowing you was going to use as a clay model template. as been searching for some time, then decided to have a go my-self what a nightmare that was:rolleyes... any way try this...
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    Tribes Ascend Models (ripped) [Pic Heavy]

    is there anything left to unfold and what format is it in please :)
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    Halo 4 Pepakura (Files within)

    Hey nintendude u mite need to swap to 4-shared for posting links as i get this when clicked on your link and just wondered wether it only afected us brits :) an nice work to all in this thread.. halo 4 is gonna rock wahoo.. i thought it said banned for a...
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    Is halo realistic? [Lock]

    ha, just watched the video and i agree that the kid needs teaching a lesson so was wondering any1 able to use a 3d software for a spartan to t-bag his mine craft character and post it to his you tube link as a comment :) but he's just a kid guys yes he is annoying agreed... :D and he is probs...
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    My Mark VI "Sister" Build WIP

    Nice work and glad to see back on i got a notification from photo bucket lol i too have lost the ambition to do anything.. glad you found yours and if you are stuck for parts sizes, scaling and other things then google up female spartan pictures or something along the line for ref pics :D + if...
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    my 1st build mkVI hd master chief

    oh yeah i see now mine is more smaller lol waaay smaller and all those pics you see below are done with badgers.. and as for the advise no worries mate, i hope it helps.. also as for paints specifics just a name will do as i have allot of sites in my favourites...