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    Pdo to pdf actual link
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    Pdo to pdf

    okay, first things first, i use a mac, this makes pepakura difficult. this link is to road warriors pepakura file download, i would really appreciate if someone, could convert this, somehow to a pdf file, and send it...
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    Ever wonder what happen's to a decommissioned spartan suit?

    hi roadwarrior, i am just posting this here because this is you most recent thread, but i was wondering if you could send me the pepakura file of your hd assault rifle? it appears to be the best on the net but i couldn't find the link to download it anywhere, i could use the original file of a...
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    A Brand New project, i need YOUR opinion!

    that is my plan, however i was not going to use clay
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    A Brand New project, i need YOUR opinion!

    that would actually be really helpful, thanks, the files i am looking for right now are the ma5c assault rifle, and all, an odst helmet from halo 3, thanks!
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    A Brand New project, i need YOUR opinion!

    thanks guys, but i have tried all over the place looking for a way to get pepakura viewer on mac without boot camp, and there is just no way that can happen right now, because there is alternatives for making weapons without doing paper craft, i guess i am sort of lucky. my current "plan is to...
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    A Brand New project, i need YOUR opinion!

    hi everyone, over the last 4 days, since my xbox came back from the hospital where it received surgery for its "red ring of doom" i have been re falling in love with the world of halo! a while back i started making a foam core MA5C assault rifle, but it, failed. not only was it not turning...
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    [Done] Gixxer's Mc Mkvi

    you know, after a long absence from the sight, i forgotten! i spent the last 5 min re-reading this entire topic but i just can't remember
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    [Done] Gixxer's Mc Mkvi

    dude.....................PLAY HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My Pep Projects helmet! i never could unlock that, i still try like 47 times a day!
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    My Foamboard Assault Rifle

    hopefully there is a video here
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    Replicant Fx For An Assault Rifle

    Thanks, this is what i need.
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    Replicant Fx For An Assault Rifle

    ok, so i have made an AR from foamcore, and i have arranged with someone to get it made in fiberglass, it is scheduled for 3 weeks, and this guy is VERY professional, he usually does work for movies. i was extremely lucky to get this done, but, i haven't put any eletronics into the model...
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    The Great Odst Flood Year Long Project

    this is an interesting idea indeed, please show me when you are done, if this is done well then you will certainly deserve a place in the hall of honor for trying such a task
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    Halo Fan Film - Work In Progress

    wow, this looks good, if i could offer any advice, mabe wear lightly plainer clothes underneath, otherwise this is, rather exiting really!