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    Search The Mark Vi Helmet File Of Flying Squirl

    Got any body the file eed this file!!! I searched month for it and nobody got the file. DoC Bytes pm me not back and i need this file Thanks, Zero2o2
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    Mexican Noob List

    Thanks that you make a link to my Thread because i think nobody see this.:( And god work. Zero2o2
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    Zero2O2´s W.i.p

    Okay rundown is this better than the double posting. :) And what you think about my helmet?! Zero2o2
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    Takin A Break

    Thanks that you finish it. But that´s crap that you take a break.=(
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    The whole thread is just amazing. And the BR and the AR are just amazing.
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    Fallout 3 Terminator Wip.

    Looking good love Fallout 3 and i think your armor will be amazing. :)
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    The Dynamic Duo (Pic Heavy)

    Nice Build and good luck finish the stuff.
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    My Mark Vi Armor

    Hey condor any updates for us ?! Thanks, Zero2o2
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    Rundowns files hub ANNOUNCEMENT + teaser

    I think nobody see this or the most ignore it ! :(
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    Zero2O2´s W.i.p

    No i use normal paper and the warps going out with bondo how you said. And i hope so. Okay here´s my update bondo the top of the helmet and send it down with an machine. Enjoy
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    Zero2O2´s W.i.p

    Comments Please
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    Zero2O2´s W.i.p

    Okay work a little bit (love summer) And i rondo it :)
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    Zero2O2´s W.i.p

    Thanks for comments @Halogoddess thanks for the tip but it´s know in a new thread =(
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    Zero2O2´s W.i.p

    Okay, start to make my only odst armor. i have done another odst helmet but it´s broken. The new one is on the beginning stage. First my materials. Now the helmet alone. Leave Comments please Zero2o2
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    Reach Reach

    Pretty Nice helmet. Hope my will be so good like yours.