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    Halo 4 To Be Announced At E3?

    Wow, very subtle hint Doom....... But i don't think that we will ever find out what happens to John, not in another game anyway.
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    Masterchief not in halo movie

    I definatly agree that they should be doing it based around the story line of "The Fall of Reach". That was a great book and vastly increased my understanding of John and the rest of the SpartanII's. Even if they didn't base it off the book there would still be bits and peices of their...
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    I Got A Job

    Grats on the job mate. :thumbsup: I recently got i job at coles (I'm not a checkout chick i work in the deli) and i don't know how i survived without an income lol. It can get boring at times but it's better then having no job at all.
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    British 4th Of July

    As was said before it is not celebrated in the UK, or anywhere other then the US it being a celebration of the American revolution after all..... How could that not click? :confused: