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    Grifball in real life ?

    i have enough friends for a 3v3, just not sure if i could get them all on board, or all together at once, they have stuff to do on weekends. but maybe a 2v2? not sure. id love to see it played in armor, might have to be a cheaper, more easy to makee armor or heavy duty, so that you dont have...
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    Grifball in real life ?

    Oh i love this! Next thing you know- itll be an olyimpic sport!
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    Props the halo 3 (or reach!) spiker, gone... nerf?

    oh wow, we have a necromancer! bro, the thread has been dead for while- and by a while i meanjust over a year! please dont post in threads over, what was it- 3? yes 3 months old i think. if you want to speak about it, id probably pm me. and probably foam/plastic if i could get my hands on a new...
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    Grifball in real life ?

    i like the idea behind this. me and my LAN party guys where thinking of it a few weeks back. except, hammers where more like the real thing but with foam fronts built on them, swords where based around foam swords bought from those cheap toy stores, the grifball was soft ball (australian...
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    IDEA: 405th iDevice/Android app?

    i love the idea, but i think the question has been asked before and the admins said no twice. but since, what 7 months has past since i last checked the site, who knows- maybe we have an alright programmer by now?
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    Props Halo 4 DMR Mk2 W.I.P

    thanks carpathia! didnt know mods could do that- done some minor cleanups around the scope and gave it a filleted edge along the length and a sun guard on the scope. still getting those (censored) reversed sides fixed and cutting out very small details that dont need to be there
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    Props Halo 4 DMR Mk2 W.I.P

    Yea, i do know what im doing with the facees- the program was stupid enough to make half, if not 3/4 of the faces the wrong dierection- i have almost got them all flipped! Sorry about no thinking about the floating faces, i was originally building as just a paper model over at zealot, so i will...
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    Halo 4 Pepakura (Files within)

    hmmm, so a race has been set in motion.... jokes, i have been working on one for the last week, would have had it done sooner if school wasnt such a pain if you wanna see how mines coming along, check my signature (and the joke isnt aimed at you, i was watching crocodile gundee that night)
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    Props Halo 4 DMR Mk2 W.I.P

    Hello 405th! while the site was down, i had to find something to do. then remebered my good friends at the zealot hobby forum. while i was there i was don research on H4, and found little amounts of pep files had been created=( but i found out the dmr was returning as a variant (F yea!) and...
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    Capricornia members

    are their any other 405th members that live in Rockhampton, Yeppoon or Gracemere (Queensland, Australia) or are am i and kinger4200 the only members in our area? just curious...
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    when will the PEPAKURA FILES link be open ?????

    One of those friends who try to help and fail unless you talk to it slow and detailed...
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    2 projects 1 month, advice?

    good work, like the iron man helmet. the reason your pics are so small is becuase you chose thumb code, instead of img code. try that next time you upload pics to the site :)
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    Favorite helmet?

    wish there was, that'd be awesome!
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    Destiny, Bungie's next game.

    sounds good, wonder what type of game its gonna be? FPS? RPG? Strategy?
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    Emile kukri build

    Very nice.makes me want to build one.