405th Event FAQ

Official Events

An Event is only an Official 405th Event if it has been approved by the Local Regimental Command Staff and has had a corresponding thread created in the appropriate Regimental Sub-Forum or the Convention and Prop Parties section of the 4054th Forums.

Events may be requested through the form on 405th.com

Click here to request an appearance

If the event is requested through the above form, a message is generated to Division Command Staff. Division Command Staff will review the event request, determine which Regiment it falls under, and then forward the request to the appropriate local Regimental Command.

Additionally, a request may be made directly to the Regimental Command Staff.

If the event is brought by a Member or other organization to the local Regimental Command Staff, they will review the request, touching base with Division Command Staff if needed, and determine if the event is something that we will be able to assist with. Once Command Staff has cleared the event, they will follow up for any additional information needed. Once the local Regimental Command Staff has all pertinent information they will create a thread on the Forums in the appropriate area for the event.

The Event thread should tell date, location, time, address, and specifics of the event including what activities the event organizers would like us to preform and any other special instructions such as limitations on prop weapons and costume types.

Event Organization

Official Event Threads should only be created by a member of Regimental Command Staff or by a member designated by the Regimental Command Staff as the Event Point of Contact. All questions about an event should be directed to the Regimental Command Staff or the appointed Event Point of Contact who will then seek out the answers and report back to the membership. Members should not reach out to Event Requesters or Organizers on their own with questions. This can cause confusion and miscommunication of information.

Appropriate Events

Each event request is reviewed by Division or Regimental Command Staff to see if the event is appropriate for our attendance. The 405th is focused on Community Events, Conventions, and Charity Events. Any event associated with a retail or commercial organization should have a connection to the Halo Franchise, such as a game or console release, or a Halo-centric event at a Microsoft Store. Any event at a venue that serves alcohol should be closely scrutinized by Command Staff to determine the worthwhileness of our attendance, as events and location that serve alcohol increase the likelihood of rowdy or disrespectful individual. If we are asked to be at an event that is otherwise worthwhile, it is best to inform the organizers that we will be there early on for only a short period of time and to attempt to remove our costumed participants before attendees have had an opportunity to consume too much alcohol.

Issues during an Event

All issues that occur during an event should be addressed with the Command Staff or 405th member acting as the event point of contact/event coordinator so that they can address it with the organizers. Example, if something was promised for the event like parking or snacks etc. and they are not available, all concerns should be brought to the 405th member in charge. They will then, if they do not already have the answer, approach the organizers. It is important for us to always remain polite, professional and follow the chain of command.

If an incident or dispute arises during the course of an event, it should be dealt with behind the scenes and when at all possible after the event. A 405th Command Staff member or the member designated as the point of contact should be engaged to assist in resolving the situation. If the situation does not seem repairable during the event, a 405th member point of contact or command staff member can ask a member or members to leave and that request is to be respected and followed. At no time do we allow any internal matter to become public knowledge. Should a member or member be asked to leave, a full report of the situation must be provided to Division as soon as possible following the event. If the situation is involving a non-member of the 405th, the 405th member point of contact should be told so that they can discuss the situation with the event hosts or organizers.

Event Member Minimums

The 405th has no standing operating procedure regarding the minimum number of members needed for an event. It is strongly suggested that an event is not done without at least two members. However, we understand that many members are relatively geographically isolated from other members. It is best to always practice the “buddy system” and have at least one other person there to support you, watch your back, and help you with any issues that arise, even if that person is not a member and/or not in costume themselves.


If at all possible, there should always be handlers at an event who are willing and able to take control of a situation. Handlers are members in “Soft Costumes,” or members out of costume who can act as the eyes and ears of the helmeted and armored members. They can better communicate with the organizers and members of the public, and can scout out paths to ensure there are no hazards (or at least be able to tell members where those hazards are). They can watch for members who may be struggling with heat exhaustion as often they will see it before the member will feel it. If the distance from the change room to where we end up is sizeable, they should carry a couple of bottles of water for emergencies. Handlers can also assist members in letting them know that a child is trying to get their attention or request members of the public to move away from the area if they are in danger of getting knocked accidently by a member not expecting someone to be in that location. If the members end up in a situation with a crowd of people, the handlers can take control of the situation and politely direct the public how to get a photo etc. Handlers should be firm but never bossy or aggressive. Handlers should watch for members of the public grabbing at member's gear, props or body. If there is a situation that is concerning to a handler, they are to reach out to the member of the 405th that is the point of contact and let them know. If doing so requires them to leave members unattended, the handler will need to assess the situation and determine whether or not telling the member point of contact can wait or if it is best to pull the members they are handling from the situation. Some units may find it helpful to create an agreed upon Verbal or Non-Verbal signal to alert handlers to a situation they may not have seen. The unit can determine what the next action should be in those circumstances, but it is always best to determine what the situation is calmly and quietly so as not to create a scene.

Handlers are not required to be 405th members, but if they are not or have no experience in wearing a helmeted costume, they need to be educated in what the members can and can't see or do. This will greatly assist them in knowing what to warn members about or what to tell an organizer that the can or cannot do. It is also very helpful to have handlers who can assist in getting members in and out of their gear so if there is an issue out on the "floor" with a costume they can assist in at least temporarily fixing it (straps that come undone etc.) Handlers should always be very polite and professional as they are an extension of the 405th. Handlers should always be over the age of 18. Members must always listen to the instruction of a handler and treat them with the utmost respect. If a member takes issue with what a handler is telling them to do, the situation needs to be sorted out calmly and quietly. At no time is it appropriate to argue in front of members of the public.

Event Compensation

As a Costuming Fan Club comprised of volunteers, the 405th does not charge for its appearances, nor does it request or expect compensation. Occasionally Event Requesters and Hosts will offer compensation for member’s time and travel by offering things such as “swag” items like T-Shirts or merchandise, or other items like restaurant gift cards, gas cards, and discounted or even complimentary hotel rooms. When offered, it is permissible for members to accept these items, however our members should never request these items or any other form of compensation before agreeing to attend an event, or during an event. If possible, it always best to clear being offered any items by the event hosts with a member of your local regimental Command Staff first, just to avoid any appearance of impropriety. There may be times that an organizer will provide these items but there will not be enough for everyone. 405th members should never request more. If the organizers ask for you to let them know if more is needed, canvas the members to see if there is anyone else that would like whatever is being offered. The decision should there not be enough as to who gets the item(s) is left to the 405th Command Staff member or the member designated as the point of contact and that decision should be fair and respected. It is appropriate to involve the members in the decision of what to do with the items, but the final say will be up to the 405th member point of contact or Command Staff.

The primary exception to this is the requesting of water being available to our members for extended appearances and appearances taking place outside.

If an event host or organizers offers to reimburse members for items such as travel, parking, or lodging, but requires receipts to do so, it is suitable to supply those through one member - preferably a member of the Command Staff or the member designated as the event point of contact. However, under no circumstances is it appropriate to have the funds payable to one member of the unit who would then disburse those funds. All funds must be paid to each individual it is owed to directly. Should there be a situation where the event organizer insists on it being one payment, you must bring in Division Commanding Officer, Angela Mash, who will be the one responsible for the funds being received and paid out. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Very rarely Microsoft, 343i, or one of their associates have offered monetary compensation for an appearance. However, these are usually very specific instances, and the attending members sign or are bound to a contract and are treated as paid performers for 343i, not as 405th Volunteers.

Event Behavior

Members appearing at a Public Event are representing the entire 405th and all its members. As such, it is expected that all members making an appearance at an official event ensure that they put their “best foot forward” by making sure their gear is in good repair and is clean and presentable to the general public.

At no time is it ever appropriate for a member of the 405th, while acting in public in an official capacity at any event, to engage in “tea bagging” or “victory crouching” of a member of the general public or another 405th member.

Members should also refrain from pointing their weapons at members of the public, either at individuals posing for pictures or directly at the individual taking the picture.

Commercial Business at 405 Events

No personal, commercial business may be carried out using the 405th booth at a convention or during the course of an event with members of the public. No member, Command Staff or otherwise, can make sales from the 405th booth of any items, at a convention or other appearance. Our appearances are to fulfill a request from an outside entity or to foster community and offer assistance to others with their builds, not to engage in commerce. Additionally, if the 405th is offered a “fan table" at a con for free or reduced cost, we cannot sell things without violating those rules of the convention itself.

Charity Funds

Supporting charities is a large goal of the 405th and a motivation for its members, however no 405th member may ever directly handle any money. All donations should be made to either a representative from the Charity on site, via an electronic donation through that charity organizations website, or by the member of the public at a later date to the charity in the 405th’s name. Not directly handling any money removes any possible appearance of and any possibility of accusations of impropriety.


The 405th may not engage in Raffles or raffling off of items at Conventions or other appearances. In many US states and Canadian provinces raffles are viewed as a form of lottery and would be required to be registered with the local state or province Gambling/Gaming/Lottery Commission or boards. Failure to do so can be a felony crime. A “Free To Play” raffle done among members at an armor party or the Dragon Con dinner is one thing, but the moment any money comes into play, even donations, due to the various license requirements, Raffles are a no go.

Additionally, some conventions consider the ticket price to enter the event as the "pay to play" so even if the 405th is not directly collecting funds for a raffle, the convention may consider it an illegal raffle because money was involved in the ticket price for admission to the convention itself and will shut down the raffle.