Halo Wars - MJOLNIR Mark IV - Standard

Halo Wars - MJOLNIR Mark IV - Standard 1.1

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This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of zip-file:
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-bicep-and-shoulder.pdo
    Modeler: Skwisdemon and bevbor Unfolder: Major Pain
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-biceps.pdo
    Modeler: rundown Unfolder: jason-078
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-chest-a.pdo
    Modeler: Agbates
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-chest-a-ldtester.pdo
    Modeller: Agbates Unfolder: SoullessSin
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-chest-b.pdo
    Modeler: Robby and BenStreeper Unfolder: Major Pain
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-forearm.pdo
    Modeler: Robby and Benstreeper Unfolder: Major Pain
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-forearms.pdo
    Modeler: rundown Unfolder: jason-078
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-helmet.pdo
    Modeler: drgon47 Unfolder: jerryboberri224
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-helmet-prerelease.pdo
    Modeler: rundown
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-shin.pdo
    Modeller: rundown Unfolder: Major Pain
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-shoulder-left-a.pdo
    Modeler: Agbates Unfolder: SoullessSin
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-shoulder-left-b.pdo
    Modeler: rundown Unfolder: jason-078
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-shoulder-right-a.pdo
    Modeler: Agbates Unfolder: SoullessSin
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-shoulder-right-b.pdo
    Modeler: rundown Unfolder: jason-078
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-thighs.pdo
    Modeler: rundown Unfolder: jason-078
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-waist.pdo
    Modeler: rundown Unfolder: jason-078
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-chest-concept.pdo
    Modeler: Nugget
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-helmet-concept.pdo
    Modeler: harnor
  • halo-wars-mjolnir-mkiv-waist-concept.pdo
    Modeler: Nugget
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