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  1. arma358

    Shout to all of you! I won Best in Show!

    Dude! Congrats on the win! I'm happy that we were able to help you out! :)
  2. arma358

    Any cosplayers at Fan Expo Boston?

    I wish. I'm still trying to get to PAX East, even though the panels I put in for got declined.
  3. arma358

    Item 1: Passes for the Membership

    I'm intending to be at Philly and maybe Chicago, maybe. Philly for sure though.
  4. arma358

    Tenya Iida Ingenium

    Sooo, should I do my Caboose voice around her at Outpost Discovery? I've had a few people freak out when I do that, especially at RTX when they aren't expecting a response in character. :P
  5. arma358

    Shy Photographer You've Heard About Already Anyways

    I do indeed believe we've interacted quite a bit on the social media places! Hello! :)
  6. arma358

    Lordhood's New Projects pic heavy

    Not to derail this thread -too- much, but yes. Just message me your GT, and that goes for anyone looking to get into the Halo 5 company. :)
  7. arma358

    Lordhood's New Projects pic heavy

    xXDashIVXx and lordhood32, message me here with your gamer tags. :)
  8. arma358

    Lordhood's New Projects pic heavy

    We -do- have a Halo 5 company. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll get you added. :)
  9. arma358

    Halo Outpost Discovery Announcement

    I'm going to Philly, for sure. I'd -like- to also do Chicago, but that's dependent on funding and the like.
  10. arma358

    3D Print Fill

    I mean....bending is no joke! :P
  11. arma358

    3D Print Fill

    So, as an engineer IRL, there's a very very good reason that perimeters add more strength vs. more infill. If you think of a beam of material, say steel....and you try to bend it, primarily the top and the bottom parts of the steel are bending the most. So, if you have more solid material in a...
  12. arma358

    PAX East 2019

    PAX is short for Penny Arcade Expo. It's a larger gaming con, and there's 4 primary ones, along with a new one they've introduced. PAX East is the one in Colonial. West (formally called Prime) in Washington, South in Texas, and Australia in the location it's named after rounds out the main...
  13. arma358

    Colonial Cons 2019

    I have a Saturday badge, but I'm more waiting to see about panel stuff before I consider buying the others.
  14. arma358

    whereisdanielle's Foam SPI Build

    Those are indeed some pretty cool bananas. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  15. arma358

    Katsucon 2018

    I wish, but alas, no. :(
  16. arma358

    Halo 5 Spartan Company

    The company still exists and is (technically) run by me as DPR. My GT is arma3587 so give me a poke, and I can get you added to the company. :)
  17. arma358

    Video Messages for a Young Spartan

    Sorry about that, Viper 466. It's more just general things, honestly. Number of people involved, that sort of stuff. Honestly, if you think it's important, you can totally throw it my way. :)
  18. arma358

    Video Messages for a Young Spartan

    Viper 466, can you throw me some more information to I'd like to see if I can boost some of this to social media. Also, I'd like to participate in some fashion as well. Everyone that is involved, please drop me your social media links, as when this -does- go down, as I'll want to...
  19. arma358

    405th Merchandise

    I can do both! I've featured a wide range of people before! :)
  20. arma358

    405th Merchandise

    *cough* Welp. I'm stealing those images for the Instagram and Facebook feeds. Schankerz
  21. arma358

    Roll Call November 2018

    I'm vaguely alive, but you all probably knew that already. :P
  22. arma358

    PAX East 2019

    Hey folks, If you're interested in doing PAX East things next year let me know! I'd like to get together a panel, and the like. :) I don't quite know when it is, but should be announced soon.
  23. arma358

    3D printer HELP thread

    If his teflon tube has melted....he's got other more pressing concerns than underextrusion.
  24. arma358

    3D printer HELP thread

    Well, the fixes for either aren't difficult. To fix the semi-clogged nozzle, I'd do a cold pull. As for the grinding/skipping extruder stepper, I'd give it a listen while you're running a part to see if it is indeed grinding or stepping. The most common reason it loses steps is because it's...
  25. arma358

    3D printer HELP thread

    You just use the @ symbol to tag, like Twitter, HATE Recon . Also, looks like some pretty severe underextrusion, Lieutenant Jaku . Few things could cause that. Semi-clogged nozzle, low filament feed rate (skipping/grinding extruder stepper) would be the two things I'd look at immediately.