1. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Master Chief Armor Owners Master List

    This thread is to start a list of those who own Master Chief Armor that is still in use and may be available to be called upon should the need arise for a public promotion where Chief is specifically asked for. Please list whether your armor is bought or made (list who made it if applicable)...
  2. HeroMinerR5

    Halo 4 Master Chief foam armor

    I am going to build this because in Arkansas it is to cold to fiberglass. So I am going to use foam. Right now I am just scale the armor piece so I can fit it correctly without piece being to big.
  3. HeyYouShutUp

    Master Chief Halo 5 Armor

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could reference me to any files pertaining to the master chiefs halo 5 armor. I have searched everywhere and have not found a thing. thanks!