1st build

  1. CrimsonSpades24

    1st Build Custom Mark VII MJOLNIR | Pepakura/Foam/3d Printed - Game Hybrid

    While this isn't my first cosplay project, this is my first official build. Although I've already started, I'd like to show you all what I've done so far and where I'll be going in the future. I began by commissioning additional references for a Viper helmet redesign created by @Wernissage -...
  2. C

    Gen 2 undersuit help needed

    Hello everyone! So I was thinking of Remaking my Halo 4 armor but I also want to make the undersuit/techsuit. I did some research and was able to get references of the Halo 4 techsuit. I was thinking of using something like 4mm foam or leather for it. Any material suggestions for making one?
  3. C

    Boot armor build questions

    Hello 405th! I want to plan ahead for some future builds so I've got some questions on boot armor. So I've seen other members make boot parts completely out of foam without a shoe or boot underneath. If I choose to make foot armor out of foam and place it on a shoe base, do I glue it directly on...
  4. Yesu88

    1st Build Yesu88's Halo 3 ODST Build

    Hey all, I'm about to begin making my first Halo cosplay, which is going to be an ODST suit from Halo 3. I've gotten a set of templates from the armory and I've also gathered some reference images. I'll be using EVA foam, so I'll have to scale everything to my body size first. I hope to get...
  5. SgtSaint

    First {Halo} build - Spartan (TV series)

    Never played the game so I'm going to do a TV series build as my first Spartan. I'll try to keep this thread updated. Character: I never cosplay an existing character. I prefer to be myself in that universe/franchise. As I'm ex-army signal corp, I'll probably do something along the lines of...
  6. NewBrody

    1st Build Thread

    Hey all! So after years of being an observer of Schankerz and his build I've decided to be an observer no more. A couple months ago I started my own cosplay build of a reach spartan. I plan to go commando with the helmet and left shoulder and recon with the right. Been super impressed with all...
  7. JustinIsTree

    1st Build JustinIsTree's Reach Build

    Hello everyone! I'm JustinIsTree and I guess here's my (technically second) step into the grand world of Halo cosplay. Years ago for Halloween when I was like 14 or 15, I wanted to be Master Chief so my dad took the leftover cardboard we had in the garage and made me a full suit from that in...
  8. 405caveman

    1st build masterchief 3d halo 4 + undersuit

    Hello everyone from Spain, the first thing to thank Halo 4/5 master chief armor high poly 3d printeble for you! For his design and his perfect work I have been printing the Master Chief's armor in 3d for more than a year, my printer is an anycubic mega x, it is my first job in 3d and it has not...
  9. BAG

    1st Build UNSC Air Force Pararescue ODST

    Long time lurker and noob of the 405th here. I have always wanted to build an ODST costume since I first saw them as a child in Halo 2 and now planned on putting a little bit of my own flavor into it, however I had never done any spray painting, sanding, or stenciling work at all. My thoughts...
  10. e0verlord

    1st Build Halo Reach Build (Female Armor Log)

    First time for everything! I've been dreaming about this for years, and it's about time I got started doing it!! My inspiration is from Halo: Reach, the game that was so beautifully constructed around the destruction of Reach (Never Forget), and seeing one's armor configuration appear in the...