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  1. C

    looking for target locator model

    hey guys first time posing, i know its a long shot but dose anyone perhaps have the in game model for the target locator from halo reach, or the next best thing. i tried to make one myself but the references for it are shockingly lacking and my 360 is busted so i cant get it myself.
  2. Kadus27

    RX-27 Handheld Magnetic Acceleration Cannon

    Hello 405th! It’s my great pleasure to bring you a completed project that I started nearly 8 years ago. The RX-27 Handheld Magnetic Acceleration Cannon (HMAC) is a primarily 3D-printed prop of my own design inspired by the weaponry of Halo. Let’s dive right in! Every great weapon needs a...
  3. 3

    Shift Into Turbo! A Power Ranger/Carranger Log (Red Racer)

    Hello and thank you for taking time to wonder into this thread. As a fan of both the Power Ranger and Super Sentai Franchises, I've always wanted to create and own one of my own. Over the years, I've seen plenty of Con Attendees cosplay as characters from Mighty Morphin/Zyuranger series. As much...
  4. CollinMcCaf

    EOD Helmet (H3)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! Its finally complete! (raw castings of this helmet should be available soon through Asgardianhammer, a link will appear here) The model is now available at...
  5. CollinMcCaf

    CollinMcCaf's Model Repository

    The following is a list of my completed (publicly available) 3d printable models. This page will be updated with future links (Last model added 05/24/2020) Don't forget to scale the armor pieces to your body! **These models are provided for personal use only, and free of charge, under...
  6. ComanderXXY

    Props 3D-Printable SPNKR

    I'm designing and printing a 3D-Printable SPNKR. The Base Model is already finished: It will consist of 4 main parts: For 3D-Printing I'll cut two shafts into the Case and Cover Parts, so I can lock the Magazine between with a latch: That is what I have completed already At the moment...
  7. CollinMcCaf

    M6C Magnum (H2)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! Surprise everyone, here's what I've been working on ever since I uploaded the MA5C! I couldn't find a good M6C model so I made one myself. As usual, its as accurate...
  8. zen 158

    Modular Weapon Series

    Hi there, right now i'm working to make UNSC firearms but instead of just making HD version of the in game models has a hollow shell i'm aiming to actually make them detailed in the sense of for example having the charging handles actually open the ejection ports and allowing to change parts for...
  9. CPO mendez

    Props "I Need A Weapon" - CnC Props For Mold Making and Casting [VOTE INSIDE]

    Hello 405th! i'm back with another prop project for y'all! this one will have more community involvement, more pictures, and more advanced tech! So, to start, this entire project came around because my University (previously featured in my 3D Printed Props thread) gave me access to this A B S...
  10. Y

    I need help

    Hello! I have been designing my Halo Reach gugnir helmet for the past year. I have had three versions because I am having a hard time understanding what to model it around. It is kinda complicated, as I will have a 3D virtual reality headset integrated into the 3d printed helmet. So, does anyone...
  11. ReClaimer8015

    Futuristic Katana (Own Remake from deviantart)

    A while ago i was searching for Concept Art of Raidens different HF-blades used in MG: Rising. I have already found a few low-poly 3d-files, nothing special.....so i thought of recreating things myself from some artwork. Just to practice my honestly mediocre modelling skills. What i stumbled...
  12. Alpha

    Teishin Helmet

    Recently commissioned by a customer to make a Halo 5 Teishin helmet. Only our second time printing a helmet so extremely excited to jump into the challenge again! For this one we took a bunch of lessons that we learned from building the Recluse armor to make it much better for the customer...
  13. CollinMcCaf

    MA5C Assault Rifle (H3)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! There are two versions, a static and a "functional" The "functional version" acts as though it's "jammed", you can pull the bolt and drop the mag but the gun...
  14. CollinMcCaf

    EVA Helmet (H3) (RvB Meta)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! Spent a considerable amount of time searching for a quality 3d printable EVA helmet so I decided to make my own. Heres the process I went through and the finished...
  15. Gizinski117

    3d suit journey (start) custom armor set

    just bought a 3d printer should be here by the end of the week :). but when I look at some of the armor 3d files like the halo 5 ones it has the full suit. I was wondering how to print out one part and delete the others so that I can size the suit of piece by piece, so there the proper size. and...
  16. Aoiken

    Tips, tricks and any Help for improving 3d Files.

    Hey Im just looking around for tips on adding detail from prints or how others have gone about printing their helmets. So far I've messed around in blender and found some tutorials on taking the game assets and slicing them into pieces and stuff to make it printable. However, the model is very...
  17. bluvasa2

    bluvasa's 3d/scale model thread

    I've been working with Halo 3d models for a couple years now with the goal of creating hi-res models for 3d printing. My latest project is a hi-res version of the Halo CE Mark V suit. More info on my blog
  18. CarterBuilder12

    Carterbuilder12's weapon models for 3d printing

    Hello! I'm starting this thread for the weapons I make 3d printeble. So here is the first that I made in a day. Link: Halo 4 & 5 combat knife.zip
  19. mblackwell1002

    H5 sniper rifle 3D modeling log - mblackwell1002

    Hello ladies and gentle-Spartans! Welcome to mblackwell1002's Halo 5 Sniper Rifle build log! In this thread, I will be modeling a high-resolution 3D model which will eventually be released for FREE to the public. This is a personal undertaking of mine, and I hope you all enjoy the process! Feel...
  20. Runesoldiero

    Uploading to mixamo for rigging

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get these files, body armor, helmet, textures, and all, into mixamo for rigging them? Do i need to put them through a modeling software? a painting software? Please help with this. also by files i mean basically any/all the files in the armory.
  21. Creazywars

    Props I am looking for weapon 3D models

    Hi right now i am looking for covenant carbine & the magnum but if you have a link or more model i would help lots thanks. edit: plus i love the helmets so if you have models it would be awesome Creazywars
  22. The Universe

    HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

    Hello Halo Fans! Do you have a passion for the spaceships in Halo then this is the right place. on this thread we discuss the construction of covenant and UNSC Ships. I personally am working on the CAS Shadow of intent and her surrounding fleet {scale 1 to 5346}. Feel free to join our...