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  1. Spartan853

    Wanting to build MC armour from halo 4 or 5

    Team, I'm new here. I've been wanting to make the jump and make an as accurate as possible halo armour from halo 4 or 5. I have a few questions. Is it worth 3d printing, doing it in foam or buying the prestige costume and modifying. I have a bit of experience with working with 3d prints as...
  2. CplYapFlip

    Soft Parts Serin Osman/Halo 4 Officer Quick Build

    Y'all remember livejournal days? because current music: Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande So the whirlwind of the secret LA event happened, and knowing we'd be flying down I didn't want to contemplate the logistics of flying with my spartan (who's still going through upgrades) so I racked my...
  3. AZCosplayer

    Agent Locke Armor

    Hello all! I do apologize if this is in the wrong section but years ago I bought a Mjolnir Mark VI from Halo 4 from a shop on Etsy (in the attached image I'm in the orange and black). It was a little more than $500. Now I am looking to do an Agent Locke armor. The issue is I know the armory has...
  4. IMG_20220106_181329_268.jpg


    Start of a new project! (Jan 6, 2022)
  5. Steben

    1st Build 3D printed Halo 5 Master Chief build

    Hey yall! I've been lurking the forums for the past few years now, but now I'm finally making my official first build/update post. I have actually started building the armor like a year and a half ago, so this will just be for sharing updates with you guys. I post story updates often on my...
  6. 10D2C7E2-1D9D-416C-9358-98573DF8B14D.jpeg


    M6c socom assembled and painted
  7. McCool

    3D printed molds

    Okay, some of you may have seen my previous contribution in the form of a .stl for the MKVII base shoulder. This is something else. This is what I hope will be an evolution in two major processes of armor manufacture. A handmade fiberglass helmet usually starts out as a pepakura that is then...
  8. A

    Urgent: Commission Stolen/Lost in Transit

    Hello 405th, I was recommended to post my situation on here for everyone to help keep a look out of my first commission I ordered. Always been a Halo fan and to own a suit that fits me was a dream. I pulled the trigger 4 months ago with a very reputable company that paved the way to my...
  9. Toasterblast

    New Recruit - How should I start building my armor?

    Hi, I just signed up for this site. I've wanted to make some Halo armor, particularly my MP armor from MCC Halo 3. It's the ODST\COMM helmet, ODST\DEMO chest and legs, ODST\TAC forearms, EOD shoulders, GEN1 undersuit, yellow visor, and the Demolitions back accessory. I really don't know what to...
  10. becks

    Mandalorian Pre-Beskar Build

    Just some progress pics of my Mandalorian season 1 pre-beskar build! Printed on an Ender 5. Started with the 8 piece helmet. All glued together. Started filling with wood filler - do not recommend. Sanded Smooth: Chrome painted: Didnt like the chome so went with graphite powder...
  11. Pjork

    Mk-V(b) Spartan-III

    Greetings once again. Welcome to my thread where I will be building my Spartan from Halo Reach. Some extra stuff: - I'll be using NerdForgeDesigns files for the majority of the project (seriously check him out) - The armor design is subject to changes later on but this is the main idea of what...
  12. Jurassic

    H:5/ODST/H:R/H:3 Mega 3D Printed Thread

    Hey all, it's been a few years. Yea, never finished Linda - moved, broke, threw out. But this is about new things!!! --For finished pieces -- I'm going to finally start doing the thing I've been avoiding, and that's modelling in F360 to make my ideal H5 armor set. I'll also be showing you guys...
  13. Bullseye

    Halo Infinite 3D Printed Armor 3rd Build

    Well It has defiantly been quite a few years since I built my last suit, but I now have me an Ender 5 Plus so its time to build a 3rd set of armor. Practiced my first few prints with the Halo infinite AR and now working on the suit. Hand Plates only took a few hours each and are scaled...
  14. Hollowknight0

    3D Printed Master Chief (Halo 4/5)

    Update Helmet: Finished Forearms: Printed Gloves: Finished Shoulders: Printed Cod piece: Printing Butt plate: Printed Shins: Printed Thighs: Sliced Boots: Printed Chest: Sliced Elbows and Knees: printed Cod piece: Printed Hello! I had started to make Master Chief back in 2014. I had figured out...
  15. ItSpartan116

    1st Full 3D printed Spartan Armor and Custom Mandalorian Kit

    I was never able to finished my first 3d printed Spartan armor but this is a new year and I have a job that rely to but the product that I need and also I will be working on Custom Mandalorian build throughout the next year or so. My Goal is to have all of my 3d armor pieces printed before the...
  16. Yinyangyoyo1

    First Build 3D print ODST Parts

    Hey all, this is officially my first thread and also my 3rd attempt at getting into building a costume. I tried pepakura and EVA foam but both times I lost my patience with the learning curve with the skills needed. Right now I am currently working on a full Reach armor set and will be going the...
  17. S225

    Halo Reach Spartan Build

    I've finally started building my Reach MKV suit. Years ago I started one with paper and later foam, and now I have begun 3D printing what I hope will be my perfect suit. This is my end goal. Last night the left forearm finished and I will be expanding out from there. After adding some minor...
  18. Angus314

    Reach Recon build

    What's up gamers! I'm finally doing the thread on my newest build! It's my reach Noble six spartan that will be a combo of 3d printing and foam work. Goal: (feel free to friend me on xbox!!) So far I'm furthest on the helmet that I printed using the files from Moeslizzac on Thingiverse...
  19. ItSpartan116

    3d Printed Halo 3 Mjolnir MKVI Armor V.2 (ItSpartan116 Production)

    I have recently been revising my youtube channel into a bigger more complex business that will involve around Cosplay, Gaming, and Production. So when I began this journey I want to create a armor set that will give Spartan116 life as a character in the Halo.
  20. ConnorCreator

    Armor Battle damage Tutorial! (3D printed)

    Hey everyone! I'm going to star rolling out tutorials covering all things 3D prop related! this is my first video! It covers battle damaging! Let me know if you found this helpful and if you have any other questions of tutorials you'd like to see made.
  21. Zackary

    My First 3D Printed Armor

    Yo, this is my first time posting in a while. gonna cut straight to the chase here. I purchased a 3d printer a while ago, and i'm now printing my first armorset with it. I'm gonna start out fairly simple, and use my Halo 3 Multiplayer spartan. My main issue is that i cannot seem to find any...
  22. operator

    3D printed Halo 3 Recon armor build

    Howdy folks! I've been a Pepakura builder for a few years, and recently I upgraded to a 3D printer to streamline my process. While deciding on what to build, I came across CollinMcCaf's excellent model repository, and settled on printing good ol' classic Recon armor. Guess I'll be posting my...
  23. Mybodyisrandy

    Randy's Spartan Sized Pistol

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well. During the pandemic I have taken on multiple halo projects but completely forgot to document them every time. I have just started making the Pistol from Halo 5 and even though most of the printing is done there is still some filling, sanding, sanding...
  24. HALO Live Action * Skillet - Invincible * Kid 3D Printed Armor

    HALO Live Action * Skillet - Invincible * Kid 3D Printed Armor

    Just a mash up using one of the kids suits along with some bits a pieces from the Forward Unto Dawn movie and Deliver Hope Trailer mixed in. Big thanks to ou...
  25. Yelectric

    3D printed operational gugnir, AR PLA

    Good afternoon everybody. I made this helmet because I wanted a 3D headset off of one of the coolest helmets in the franchise in my opinion, the gugnir. It was made off of a base model on thingiverse and was a PAIN to make. 1.5 years, 3 attempts of trying to scale, shell, and cram a vr system in...