3d printing

  1. ODSTCody

    1st Build Cody's ODST Radio Operator

    A couple of years ago, I took a shot at a Mark IV Spartan build that… wasn’t especially successful. I wound up bailing on that project (which I discarded due to both its failure, and because I was moving and needing to lighten the load) and sort of drifting from project to project until gaining...
  2. pipninja

    Pipninja's Full sized Reach crates

    So I think it is about time I start this build thread. With the conclusion of ECCC, My bench is finally free to do some long term projects, the first of which is making better armor crates. I plan on making two of these full sized halo reach armor crates: The first steps I took of this...
  3. SgtSaint

    ID/Registration/armor number?

    For context: 55year old, 30 year cosplayer but all 'soft' costumes until recently - 1st armor was Martian Marine from The Expanse, fully modeled and printed by myself. Now migrating to Halo Spartan as my second armor. Probably a mix of bought models and maybe custom parts I'll model if needed...
  4. Rock Lobbster

    "The Pilot" Halo Infinite Build v2

    Brohammer round 2 time! I created my first pilot suit for HOD 2019 (how time flies) and it's time that it's seen a redo with the actual game release and new detailing. Major changes: Using tactical vest as a base LPU piece has new texturing Pocket design changed and color is different 3D...
  5. shadowbreakre

    Halo Infinite: ISR Helmet - 3D Print Build

    https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5182205 Kicking off the New Year with ISR Helmet from Halo Infinite! As a bonus it also includes a version with cat eats! So far this is my favorite helmet in infinite and I just had to include the Cate ears too!
  6. MonitorChakas

    Help with reinforcing a weak 3D print

    Hi there! I have a big 3D print of Guilty Spark in PLA material. Im trying to rescue this print that unfortunately was not printed using much material so it suffers from brittleness. Any advice on how to reinforce? My ideas are first filling all the holes that are accessible to me with...
  7. Rock Lobbster

    Guide: 3D Print Welding

    I've gotten a few questions over the discord and on the forums how I do "print welding" on my 3d prints so I figured I would use the most recent messed up helmet as a demo! Tools: Soldering Iron (woodburning tip preferred) Extra material of whatever you used to print the item Sharp knife...
  8. M

    High Quality War Master Helmet Model Release - 3D Print Ready

    Hello everyone, It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. Over the past few years, I have received numerous requests for the War Master helmet model I made like 6 years ago. My intention was to complete my helmet build before releasing the model to the public, but that never...
  9. HaloReach1827

    Best method of helmet and armor making (halo reach)

    Pepakura, 3D printing, Eva foam, which one gets the best details and looks?
  10. darkangel11219

    3D Printing Custom Halo 4 Armor Help

    Hi, I would like to 3D print my own Halo 4 armor but I don't have aby 3D STL files that i found online. The models I would like is as follows: War Master Helmet Halo 4 Venator Left and Right Shoulders Halo 4 Venator Left and Right Arms Halo 4 Venator Refractive Skin Chest Halo 4 Fotus Left and...
  11. Rock Lobbster

    Files for 3D Printing, Where do I Find Them?

    3d printing is one of the newer methods in costume creation and is also quite popular with 3d printers being as accessible as they are. Now the question is, "where do I find files?" Allow me to help! I've been printing for 3 years now and have had over 5 years of experience with 3d printers as a...
  12. Kazick

    Question for the 3D Printed Armor Wearers

    So I've been on and off working on my H3 ODST build that is/was a mix of 3d prints and foam. Things like the helmet and detail parts 3d printed, with larger parts made of foam. But upon reflection, and seeing other peoples builds that are almost all 3d printed I'm starting to put some thought...
  13. Rock Lobbster

    Cosplay Spreadsheets

    Hello! As quite a few of you may know I really like spreadsheets for just about everything. I've been using this one that I created for a fair bit now and I wanted to share a copy with y'all so you can better organize your prints! The picture above is what it looks like with the M247 files...
  14. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts- Terra's Linger Will Armor - 3D Printable

    After many, many setbacks, here it is Finally! 3D printable Terra's Lingering Will Armor from Kingdom Hearts! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4882089 Like the Aqua's armor I only did the rigid plating. other parts of the armor such as the sides and boots will still need to be made out of...

    1st Build First 3D Printed Armor! - HALO: INFINITE Mk VII

    Hey all! I just recently got a 3D printer and wanted to print my suit of armor. I dont know a lot about it, but I cant wait to try it out! I will be using the MK VII Helmet from the halo infinite armor color leaks. Cant wait!! Feedback would be great!
  16. shadowbreakre

    Halo 5: Guardians Hellcat Armor Build - 3D printing

    Update 2/08/2021: Armor done! here's the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4754882 https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-print-models/hobby-diy/other/halo-5-guardians-hellcat-armor So since I'm starved for filament right now, to keep myself busy I started work on my conversion of the Hellcat...
  17. ARY

    Cosplay Noobs Helljumper Journey

    ok first lets get something straight right of the bat, I have never built a costume of any kind before well except from when I was in the army Cadet Force and they gave me some MTP gear I made look good ;). anyways without getting too side-tracked let me talk about my project I am about to...
  18. Fallen

    Foam Halo Reach Carter Build - Going for T3

    Introduction When I joined the 405th back in 2015 with grand ideas of the Spartan suit I wanted to make I knew absolutely nothing about how to build a suit. The first piece I ever made was a Mark VI helmet using the pepakura method that was too small and where I was too impatient during the...
  19. Zachary

    H5 Spartan Fred 2.0 Cosplay Build Log

    2020-12-27 Log 1 This log in this thread will be mainly to lay down what i have at the moment and what i need to do starting from here! Disclaimer, I'm a full time university student with a part time job, this thread could go inactive for a few months! So 2 years ago, I started my first version...
  20. PepsiGubben

    First build Mk V Reach style

    Hello! I'm very new to this community but nonetheless I want to build my very own spartan armor. As I already have a 3d printer and some skill with Autodesk Fusion I thought I might 3d print my set. I quickly realised this would not be as easy as I thought and have already encountered several...
  21. PapaBraus

    3-D Printed MK VI helmet assembly and paint

    Since I have so much time on my hands lately I decided to finally get around to building my own armor. After a few agonizing weeks of me troubleshooting my 3D printer and tuning it, I am at the point where I can now print out quality pieces, and I can trust the thing to run overnight...
  22. Cendrilth

    3D-Printing Discussion Tips & Tricks

    3D-Printing Discussions, Tips & Tricks Hey everyone :D Since many of us seem to have 3D printers and are using them for Propmaking and Costume building we had the idea of starting a discussion & help thread on the forums as not to clog up the other communication channels with 3D-Printing...
  23. The Apropalypse

    Halo 3 Spartan Laser (3D Printing)

    After building almost every unsc weapon at least once, its time for the spartan laser, got it fully 3d modeled and sliced, and the printing process begins now, going to be printing it all on 2 cr10 machines and using a steel emt tube for structural support, its the halo 3 variant... Will update...
  24. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbster's Jorge Build (3d print and foam)

    That's right, I'm up to no good again and this time it's Jorge! I'm going to be primarily 3d printing Jorge's armor with foambuilt parts and undersuit. I also recently acquired a laser cutter so that will be used during this build! The deets: 7in tall stilts (Will make me about 6.5' tall)...
  25. FoamAndFoundry

    Halo: Combat Evolved Sniper Rifle (SRS-99C)

    This is a model I made of the Halo CE sniper rifle using SketchUp; it can be found on Thingiverse for 3D-printing. The model was made over the course of a weekend, with a few minor fixes afterward. It is designed to break down into sections (Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Barrel, Magazine) that...