3d printing

  1. Alpha

    Teishin Helmet

    Recently commissioned by a customer to make a Halo 5 Teishin helmet. Only our second time printing a helmet so extremely excited to jump into the challenge again! For this one we took a bunch of lessons that we learned from building the Recluse armor to make it much better for the customer...
  2. CollinMcCaf

    MA5C Assault Rifle (H3)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! There are two versions, a static and a "functional" The "functional version" acts as though it's "jammed", you can pull the bolt and drop the mag but the gun...
  3. GeneralMayhem

    Halo 4 Cortana model for 3D Printing

    I'm planning a 3D printing project using Cortana as a gift for someone, and I've managed to get an export of the game model to use for reference. The problem is, the game model is fairly low-poly, and will not print well. Does anyone have a higher poly version of the model, preferably with...
  4. Gizinski117

    3d suit journey (start) custom armor set

    just bought a 3d printer should be here by the end of the week :). but when I look at some of the armor 3d files like the halo 5 ones it has the full suit. I was wondering how to print out one part and delete the others so that I can size the suit of piece by piece, so there the proper size. and...
  5. mblackwell1002

    Destiny 2 "Good Bone Structure" Shotgun 3D model

    Hello, guys and gals! Yet another model here...this one's from Destiny 2, hence the title. Bam! I'm pretty pleased with this one. It's a neat looking shotgun. I hope to print this thing off sometime soon(ish) Looking at a few months in the future. Thanks for looking, I hope you've enjoyed...
  6. mblackwell1002

    Rogue One - A Star Wars Story - Tank Trooper helmet 3D model

    Ok, guys... Today is the day that you learned that I make a bunch of things when you aren't looking. Proof of concept: So yeah...a mighty fine helmet here. 3D modeled by myself, I'll be printing this off sometime soon. I'll start printing in 2 weeks at the latest. Gotta print something else...
  7. mblackwell1002

    Destiny 2 "Better Devils" Hand Cannon 3D model

    Hello Everyone! It's been a little while since I posted a 3D project of mine... Today I have solved that problem. Behold, the Better Devils/The Steady Hand/True Prophecy hand cannon! This is just the base pre-release white paintjob. I had considered doing other paintjobs, but I only like the...
  8. TnG R1ckx

    3D printed ODST armor [picture heavy] (All files made available)

    IT'S DONE! (Yeah, that's the best photo I got of the finished armor atm, taking photo's is hard okay!) Even though it's "done", I'm not done yet. I plan on doing a lot of reprints (to fix scaling), an entirely new paint job with better weathering, a new strap system, and the torso armor. I'm...
  9. Aoiken

    Tips, tricks and any Help for improving 3d Files.

    Hey Im just looking around for tips on adding detail from prints or how others have gone about printing their helmets. So far I've messed around in blender and found some tutorials on taking the game assets and slicing them into pieces and stuff to make it printable. However, the model is very...
  10. Austin3991

    Props Austin3991's 3D print builds

    Since I'm working mostly with a 3D printer I figured it would be better to just use one thread for them. If I do not list the author they were either found on thingiverse or in The Armory. Printed: M9 Fragmentation grenades (M9 High-Explosive aka Frag Nades) In progress: Series 12 SOLAS...
  11. M

    3d printed Halo 3 Master Chief costume

    Hello 405th members :) I want to share with you my 3d printed Halo 3 Master Chief costume. After many eva foam costumes and one paper/fiberglass ..it is time for something with more details and better to scale. Idea is to print all pieces and glue them together using super glue and 3d...
  12. ArmoredAmir

    Halo 3 ODST Build

    Well I'm back again doing my third Halo build! I'm really excited about this one because I'm going to take my time and make this one as beautiful as possible. Considering with my other two builds I feel like I half assed parts of it. (Especially on the paint job, little to no weathering and not...
  13. Austin3991

    Props M9 High-Explosive aka Frag Nades

    I have been working on M9's to raffle off for charity at QuestCon Oct 20-22. These are 3d Printed out of PLA and have been sized to fit in a normal hand and not the massive spartan hands from the game :p. I've yet to paint on the red strip and I will not be adding the thumb switch due to these...
  14. Alpha

    Props Hail Hydra

    So, this has been a long time coming. For the past month and a half I've been working on a Hydra, one of my favorite weapons in Halo 5. The goal was to create something with my 3d printer and make it to where the outside observer wouldn't be able to tell if it was 3d printed. Oh and to make...
  15. bluvasa2

    bluvasa's 3d/scale model thread

    I've been working with Halo 3d models for a couple years now with the goal of creating hi-res models for 3d printing. My latest project is a hi-res version of the Halo CE Mark V suit. More info on my blog
  16. SI3RRA 117

    Introducing Spitfire Company 3D Print + EVA foam

    Hey everyone, so I guess this is it. My latest work in progress. Been holding this one in my back pocket for a bit. But I've got one helmet almost completed and couldn't wait ......... and a little nudge from PerniciousDuke ;) I had recently completed my very first build for Halloween last...
  17. CarterBuilder12

    Carterbuilder12's weapon models for 3d printing

    Hello! I'm starting this thread for the weapons I make 3d printeble. So here is the first that I made in a day. Link: Halo 4 & 5 combat knife.zip
  18. thatdamnjodie

    Republic Commando Delta 62 Build

    First non-Halo suit build attempt and I couldn't think of anything better to build than a Republic Commando. In particular, Delta-62. --- --- BUILD STATUS: Helmet: Complete Chestpiece/torso: Complete Backpack: Complete Shoulders and biceps: Complete Gauntlets: Complete Codpiece: Complete...
  19. mblackwell1002

    ULTIMATE John 117 3D print build log - mblackwell1002's MkVII Chief reboot

    This is my attempt at making Chief's armor from Halo 5. I have made a lot of progress since I started this project, and I have learned a lot since as well. Lately I have been painting these guys up and displaying the true beauty of them by using high-quality paints and lots of sanding. Anyway...
  20. CPO mendez

    Props Mendez's 3D Printed Halo Guns!

    Heyo 405th! so, i have a thread over in the 3D modeling section where i'm basically just systematically going through and bringing every single gun from every single halo game into the 3D printing realm! now, obviously, i'm gonna make some of em! i've actually been working on and off for a...
  21. KirbyHalo117

    Help: 3D Printer Guru's Needed

    Okay, so I've already finished a Hybrid build (high-density foam / Pepakura) and I enjoyed it for a while until I sold it. I have been debating getting into another build. Here's the catch... I haven't used 3D printers before, but I recently gained unlimited free access to a ProJet 160 (top...
  22. S

    3D printed armor connetions

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience or ideas for connecting 3D printed armor pieces together? For example, I am printing a MC shin piece, and I split it lengthwise down the middle so there is a back piece and a front piece. I then want it to connect together, sandwiching my leg in the...
  23. nemesis2500

    Jun-A266 WIP & Augmented Reality System & AEG

    After a couple of previous threads that didn't get too far I've finally settled on an overal build and some main features to include. As the title suggests I plan on building the suit worn by Jun-A266 in halo reach. The armoured components of the suit will be 3D printed (as of yet undecided to...
  24. The Universe

    HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

    Hello Halo Fans! Do you have a passion for the spaceships in Halo then this is the right place. on this thread we discuss the construction of covenant and UNSC Ships. I personally am working on the CAS Shadow of intent and her surrounding fleet {scale 1 to 5346}. Feel free to join our...