1. WhenInMaine

    My HD Modular ODST Build. (3D printing/Sewing/CAD)

    Hey 405th team! Its been a shockingly long time since I have uploaded anything onto the forum, but here I am, trying to change that! Long story short, I have finished the first iteration of this suit, (Thanks to everyone following it on facebook and Instagram), but its a really long build, and...
  2. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts - Terra's Ends Of The Earth Keyblade- 3D print build

    One of my next cosplays is Terra's armor from kingdom hearts. instead of 3D printing it like I normally do I'll be going the foam route as I don't feel the pieces are big or detailed enough to warrant printing. That said however I have Modeled and will be printing his Ends of the Earth Keyblade...
  3. Arak462q

    sangheli base body 3d models (armorless)

    So after a while of searching, downloading and watching tons of tutorials, I finally managed to get the 3d models for the sangheili base body, both versions H2A and H4/H5, little differences between them, I import them from the steam workshop sfm files to blender, and then I export them to obj...
  4. CaminusPrime

    Caminus Prime's INFINITE Masterchief Build <WIP>

    Hey all! I'm posting here as I think I'm far enough into getting my halo infinite Masterchief build ready to start posting about it! If you haven't seen my builds before I build primarily with Pepakura using the paper and fiberglass method! I also throw in vacuum forming, 3D printing and a few...
  5. PlanetAlexander

    Halo Magnum Photogrammetry Scene

    Huh, thought I had a full Magnum build thread here, but apparently that's only on the RPF. I've been using Blender a lot more recently and decided to also experiment with photogrammetry - a way to fuse my love for prop making and environment design. The first one I did was based off a...
  6. tahu505

    Destiny 2 Stryker's Sure Hand 3D model

    I decided to make a 3D model of the Stryker's Sure Hand, a sword from Destiny 2. I modeled it entirely in Solidworks. I plan on eventually 3D printing and finishing it, but for now I just wanted to make the model.
  7. CollinMcCaf

    Pilot Helmet (H3)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model as well, as others, are available for download through the link above! A surprise model I've been working on, the pandemic has given me enough time to finish it; here are some quality renders. I know at least a few...
  8. PastaMasta9

    Spartan III Zeta - 909 "Artemis" (Custom Spartan Model)

    With my previous models up and completed I figured I show you all about my big project. Meet spartan Zeta-909. Full name: Angella Seraph Graves aka "Artemis" A skilled Spartan III with 4 years of spartan combat under her belt. enlisted into the spartan III program at the age of 17 (Lied about...
  9. Big Wall.PNG

    Big Wall.PNG

    All the detail this program can muster