1. AnAgileKoala

    Bigger 3D printer for Reach build

    I`m looking for some recommendations for bigger printers so I can print armor parts in less pieces. I already have an Ender 3 Pro but the build plate is very limiting. I looked into a few printers and the one I liked the most so far was the Creality CR-6 MAX 3D. I mostly like it for its...
  2. Rock Lobbster

    What's Your Printer?

    This question always seems to come up a decent bit so I figured "why not just make a thread?" Post your printer(s) you use for props and costumes and if you like them! This is to help newer people figure out what printer they may want for starting their costuming adventure Printer Name Bed...
  3. ConnorCreator

    Props Finished reach magnum

    Just finished my reach magnum! She’s not perfect but I’m happy with how it came out, 3D printed it one of my printers! Thanks to Asgardianhammer for the manufacturer label decals!