1. PapaSola

    1st Build A bit of an update

    Currently my 3D printer is having some issues but I’m real close to finishing the armor
  2. Alcidine

    Helmet with working HUD

    Hello 405th! I was browsing the other day, when I stumbled upon a video of an Arduino powered heads up display. I thought it would be cool if I could fit it into a helmet. However, I didn't know just much space I would need, so I turned to the most useful tool in my arsenal, math. If you don't...
  3. Spartan325Orson

    Agent Washington cosplay

    Soon. I have begun 3d printing this. We shall await how it turns out. I will provide updates on how this turns out, or might just show it all off at the end.
  4. Saiyanberg

    First build, ODST 3d print

    Hey! I used to be a part of the community years ago but made a new account. I recently started my first build after getting familiar with my new ender 3 v2. I found quite a few files online for my armor, and even scaled some in armorsmith. After spending a week printing my ODST helmet in...
  5. Rock Lobbster

    What's Your Printer?

    This question always seems to come up a decent bit so I figured "why not just make a thread?" Post your printer(s) you use for props and costumes and if you like them! This is to help newer people figure out what printer they may want for starting their costuming adventure Printer Name Bed...
  6. shadowbreakre

    Warframe - Zylok - 3D Print Build

    12/2/2021: Zylok model is up for download Warframe - Zylok by BreakerboxCosplay After finishing the Sybaris I decided I'm going to make the Zylok too. Since it's the Sidearm counter part to the Sybaris much of the overall design is similar. In addition to the moving lever however this will...
  7. Tru3Shot

    1st Build My first 3D printed Spartan build!

    Hi Guys, You may have met me as I am active in the 405th Discord server, I‘ve been in the 405th for I’d say over a year now, I love see’ing full sets of Mjolnir armour, So I’ve decided to make my own! I’ve tried foam and pepakura, but was never really able to get the hang of it, In the future...
  8. shadowbreakre

    Warframe - Mesa Prime - 3D print and cosplay

    It's been a while since i did a production diary and since this is by far the most complex build I'll be doing I thought I should. This will the very next cosplay once I am ever able to finish my Halo armor. While it's definitely a more niche cosplay I will be releasing the printable models for...
  9. shadowbreakre

    Destiny- Titan Armor of lamentation - 3D Printable

    Here is the Titan Armor of Lamentation from D1! Personally my favorite titan armor out of both D1 and D2. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4908480 Scaled for 5'10". Arms and legs are modeled left side to be mirrored right. Like with any 3d printed armor, pieces may need to to be scaled to...
  10. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts- Aqua's Armor - 3D Printable

    Here is the 3D printable Aqua Keyblade Armor from Kingdom Hearts. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4860141 The armor is pretty simple overall and would probably be better just making out of foam but since I was working on the helm I though I'd just do the rest. that said I only included the...
  11. PA Cosplay

    Legend of zelda ODST

    I've been working on this for a few weeks now so I thought I'd share my progress. Im making an OFST armor set but going for a legend of zelda paint style, ill also be making the master sword and shield for my weapons. I might make a small gun as well but don't know if ill have enough time for...
  12. tahu505

    Chrome gold CE Magnum

    So the current rolls of PLA+ I have don't have enough filament in them for the armor pieces I was going to make so instead here's a new small side project! Halo CE magnum that I'm going to paint chrome gold inspired by the gold magnum skin in MCC CE multiplayer! I'm going to be 3D printing the...
  13. shadowbreakre

    Halo 5: Guardians Helioskrill Armor Build - 3D Printing

    Update 3/18/2021: Armor released https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4798288 Update 3/2/2021: Helmet released https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4781407 So I've been through a lot these last few weeks and situation in Austin right doesn't help. I Decided that I was going to back off for a bit so...
  14. ConnorCreator

    1st Build Halo reach build start to finish

    Alright guys so instead of posting a thread everytime I make some progress and flooding the forums, I’m just going to add my progress pictures to the comments of this thread! I’m pretty far along! I was told people like seeing the process and luckily I’ve been documenting the whole thing!
  15. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts - Terra's Ends Of The Earth Keyblade- 3D print build

    One of my next cosplays is Terra's armor from kingdom hearts. instead of 3D printing it like I normally do I'll be going the foam route as I don't feel the pieces are big or detailed enough to warrant printing. That said however I have Modeled and will be printing his Ends of the Earth Keyblade...
  16. Rock Lobbster

    Halo Reach Splazer Build (3d Print)

    Title says it all, I did a big dumb (depending how you look at it) and decided to print a splazer. It all started with the dang splazer... At first I wanted a H3 splazer. Printed 1 part and realized, hmm "this looks a bit small." Insert TurboCharizard with his reach splazer files. Might I add...
  17. PokProps

    Pok's Halo Infinite Master Chief Build

    The time has come ladies and gentlemen, I finally started printing the armor for Master chief. as of now I only have one piece done, But I will be updating this thread as I get full pieces done. But here is your guys' sneak peek
  18. brennan lyons

    Looking for 3D printer!!! IDK WHAT IM DOING!!

    Alright, i haven't been very active here but I know all of you are the best of the best out there to contact. I currently have a Dremel 3D20 and the prints are alright. Although my father and I are currently looking into a new printer, I have some ideas in mind but I wanted to know what...
  19. A

    First Armor: Which to make?

    Hi everyone, I am new here so not sure if this is the right place to post this. I got a 3D printer a few months back and have been testing it out here and there with various prints but I think it is time to go big. I want to make a full suit of either spartan armor from Reach (Emile or Carter)...
  20. Theawesomedudes

    Advice on Which 3D Filament to Use

    Hi all, I'm planning to build an ODST helmet with my new 3D printer to use both as a prop and for the occasional airsoft battle. Thing is, I've got absolutely no idea what filament would work best for this sort of project. Any advice? Also, is there a cheap, inexpensive way to make a VISR?
  21. tahu505

    3D modeling for 3D printing

    Hey, so I want to model some armor pieces to 3D print. Specifically, I want to make the collar/breacher chest piece attachment from Reach. Right now I only have experience modeling in Solidworks. As much as I love Solidworks, I'm not sure if it's the right tool for this job. What other 3D...
  22. tahu505

    Grenadier Spartan III

    Finally getting around to documenting my first full armor build, a grenadier spartan III, my custom character from Reach. I already made the helmet and gloves a couple years ago and now I plan on 3D printing the rest of the armor. The only part i'm missing right now is the collar/breacher...
  23. tahu505

    Kanohi Hau

    I made a life sized Kanohi Hau, the mask of shielding, from Bionicle. I made it a couple months ago for my university's 3D printing club pop culture themed competition. Just wanted to share some pics of it, hope you guys enjoy! Here are some of the progress pics too
  24. CollinMcCaf

    Pilot Helmet (H3)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model as well, as others, are available for download through the link above! A surprise model I've been working on, the pandemic has given me enough time to finish it; here are some quality renders. I know at least a few...
  25. ReClaimer8015

    Props The Architecture of Halo - Model Series by ReClaimer8015

    Well, this was a long time idea i had, doing a videogame/ movie - themed model series of various franchises i do happen to enjoy. This one in particular will be all about Halo, covering all games and related official or professional artwork from fans ( sources included of course). Or maybe i`ll...