1. CplYapFlip

    Cpl YapFlip's Weeaboo Adventures | 2020 - Part 1: Kyoukai no Kanata

    Since my post count is woefully below my reaction count, I'm trying to find ways to start conversations (since I've very awkward about jumping into on going ones) So I'm starting a series on my non-Halo cosplays, Cpl YapFlip's Weeaboo Adventures~~! For 2020 my goal is to make cosplaying into a...
  2. Spall

    Weathering Tutorial!

    I've gotten a few comments on my weathering and how I do it so I decided to make a small tutorial! First, some examples of my work!
  3. S

    Props Visor Material

    I am trying to find a source for a hex pattern visor material. Needs to be see-through and be able to mold it to shape. I know the picture is not halo but its what i am looking for. Thank you