anubis armor

  1. Helmet Anubis 2

    Helmet Anubis 2

  2. Helmet Anubis 1

    Helmet Anubis 1

  3. Helmet closure

    Helmet closure

  4. Helmet back

    Helmet back

  5. Helmet front

    Helmet front

  6. Bucky.png


  7. keireigoto

    Help with the Anubis Armor colors with the legs??

    Does anyone have the Anubis armor in their game and could help me out by sending me a couple of pics of it?? I'm gonna be cosplaying my PTD8-OCELES Spartan with the Anubis armor with my usual colors of Khaki as my primary and teal as my secondary. I can set up halowaypoint to where it previews...