1. Jerverant

    Foam Jerverant's MkVII · Anubis

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking on building a MkVII armor since Halo Infinite came out, and with all the "Halo The Series" hype, I've decided to start my armor. It'll be a slow process, my goal is to finish it by december (for the 405th Regimiento de México reunion). For now, I'll be working...
  2. Helmet Anubis 2

    Helmet Anubis 2

  3. Helmet Anubis 1

    Helmet Anubis 1

  4. Helmet closure

    Helmet closure

  5. Helmet back

    Helmet back

  6. Helmet front

    Helmet front

  7. Helmet. Png

    Helmet. Png