1. BigDaveActual

    EVA/Fiberglass Hybrid Master Chief Build

    Howdy! Lost the info for my old account so here I am on the new one! Just wanted to share my first armor build with y'all! I don't have many pics of the build process but I collected all I could. This build was about 3-4 years ago. THE BUILD: I made the base out of EVA and painted it but...
  2. Redshirt

    Props Needler Multimedia Arduino-Driven Animated Airsoft Prop (Everything the Neca Needler Could Have Been)

    It's been a while since I finished the Airsoft Spartan Laser. I've been busy and I did do an acurization and airsoft conversion of the Jasmin laser tag Plasma pistol but I NEEDED a full-scale Covie weapon with lights and animation for the CON and airsoft circuit. The once-pricey Neca Needler...
  3. MoeSizzlac

    My P1 Themed Predator Costume with Electronics and Sounds. (Pic Heavy)

    My late 2019 project I decided to take on was a Predator Costume like the one from the 1987 movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Files I made/altered: Predator Armor - P1 Style - Hunter - from 1987 Movie Cut up for 8x10x8 Printer Bed. by moesizzlac Well not a 1/6th scale costume but...