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  1. ItzBrenden

    Newbie here - Question on Color Matching

    Hey everyone! Been a loooong time Halo fan and am new to the costuming scene. Just got my 3D printers set up and can not WAIT to work on some armor. Planning on doing an ODST for myself and a Vale Costume for my daughter. Wanted to pick your guys brains when it came to color matching.... More...
  2. SgtSaint

    ID/Registration/armor number?

    For context: 55year old, 30 year cosplayer but all 'soft' costumes until recently - 1st armor was Martian Marine from The Expanse, fully modeled and printed by myself. Now migrating to Halo Spartan as my second armor. Probably a mix of bought models and maybe custom parts I'll model if needed...
  3. Homeless ODST

    ODST build start to now

    To start off, all armor parts were made by Sean Bradley and the the helmet cast and visor was made by Justin Branfuhr. So back in 2019 I was getting bored building 1:35 models and decided I wanted to make a 1:6 ODST. The first one I made was just a plan old H3 ODST that kind of scratched the...
  4. A

    Urgent: Commission Stolen/Lost in Transit

    Hello 405th, I was recommended to post my situation on here for everyone to help keep a look out of my first commission I ordered. Always been a Halo fan and to own a suit that fits me was a dream. I pulled the trigger 4 months ago with a very reputable company that paved the way to my...
  5. Juggernaut Zane

    legendary shield with swords?

    Does anyone know where I can find the legendary shields with swords like ono halo 3 back accessory?
  6. kschlege

    1st Build Master Chief Gen 2 Armor

    I should start with a little backstory. For the past year I have started liking different types of armor, mainly sci-fi and powered armors. I've always known about Halo but haven't been interested in FPS games. I downloaded MCC a year ago and have played half of the Reach campaign, half of the...
  7. L

    3D printers

    Gotta say it’s great to be back! in my time off I’ve stumbled into enough money to buy at least one 3D printer, what are some good ones used in the community? I know creality printers can be good. What’s everybody using?
  8. Lonewolfhowling

    Needing advice

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member, and fairly new to costume and prop making as well. I understand there are probably a bunch of threads already informing others on what to do, or how they can improve their craft, but I am asking for some personal advice. I started this project late last year...
  9. ConnorCreator

    1st Build Progress on first build!

    Hey everyone! I don’t post on here nearly enough, just wanted to show off my current progress on my first build! All parts are 3d printed on my printers then surface finished/sanded and painted. I love to answer any questions or take criticism. Thanks spartans.
  10. PrimeReclaimer

    1st Build Halo Reach 3D Printed Armor Build

    I’ve gotten a start on my Reach Armor with the helmet so far. I saw a ton of other threads and was inspired to share my journey as well. First part: raw recon Helmet print, to fully finished recon Helmet print.
  11. IMG_20200321_140028-01.jpeg


  12. FoamAndFoundry

    Foam & Foundry's ODST Build

    I've got some decent progress done on my ODST already but I figured I'd start a thread so it's documented somewhere. It's foam with the smaller torso bits 3d-printed, and probably the helmet as well. I was thinking of charcoal gray with olive green accents for the color scheme, with either OD...
  13. Haydenator

    1st Build Haydenator and Wife Suit Builds

    Hey everyone! Me and my wife are new to the 405th and large scale cosplay builds so this project is our biggest! Previously we did R6 Siege and most recently BL3 Psychos at pax south 2020. My wife wants to be a creative person in her life such as an artist, photographer, digital artist, etc. I...
  14. Agenthysteria

    Progress on my Scout/Venator Spartan Armor

    This my first time making most of my armor! Before I had just purely commissioned but now, with the guidance of a couple of veteran Halo Prop makers, I can now say that I am building my armor, minus my helmet and neck guard.
  15. Osina

    Halo 1 Marine cosplay

    Since I have a plasma grenade %50 done right now I have started on some Marine armor. I’m going to post updates here as things continue on. The one in the last picture on the right is a little larger compared to the one on the left. That’s not intended but I need to see what looks best on me...
  16. ShanieGirl

    Covenant Build

    Hi everyone ❤️ I’ve been exceedingly interested in creating and developing a covenant build. However, in research I’m finding very little progress builds and even fewer patterns/files. Has anyone personally made Grunt armor or have access to a progress post for Grunts? I’ve found... two for...