armor suit

  1. S

    Armor Material Question - Hot Glue

    Hi all. After a long time of being stagnant after making a (of somewhat dubious quality) Mk V chest piece that has long-since been canned using a mixture of hot glue and contact cement, I wanted to get back into armor-making by starting with the AndrewDFT Halo Reach ODST and the only...
  2. kschlege

    1st Build Master Chief Gen 2 Armor

    I should start with a little backstory. For the past year I have started liking different types of armor, mainly sci-fi and powered armors. I've always known about Halo but haven't been interested in FPS games. I downloaded MCC a year ago and have played half of the Reach campaign, half of the...
  3. Feral1011

    Halo Armor

    Can I commison anyone here to make me a set of Emiles armor from reach?
  4. F

    Tech suit

    So I’m starting my build with a tech suit for a base i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of fabric I could use. I’d really appreciate the help. Thank you! Also small question has anyone used a magnets to attach the armor?
  5. Brandon Lanning

    Commission artist suggestions

    I know that this site mainly focuses on people creating their own sets of armor but I've run into a few problems of my own for the 2 years I've been trying to get my set done myself. To just lay it all out there, I have tourette's syndrome. Maybe you guys out there have heard of it, but for...
  6. Lord of Reach

    Working on my armor, need some help

    Hello, guys! I wanted to share my progress, I'm doing my armor with pepakura since august (I think) and I'm not even close to finishing it, but I had some questions. Oh, and I'm from Mexico, so there may be grammar mistakes Fist of all, this is my progress so far: Helmet (I was starting the...
  7. Gargaligas

    complete armor

    Hola, soy nuevo en Estas Páginas, necesito ayuda, armaduras Hacer quiero, Pero no tengo plan o plantillas de esto, y don't ENCONTRAR ESTO, alguien PUEDE ayudarme por favor?
  8. DannyPhantom

    Spartan in Training

    Hey, so as the title says im sorta new to all of this but I'm really considering on making my own armor suit. I've read some forums and kinda got a background idea of it all, but I could still use a lot of advice and guidance on what I should do and where to go for things. So I know to make a...