assault rifle

  1. HoundsOfMeath

    Marcus Lehto MK V & MA5B Build (pic heavy, Eventualy)

    Hey all this is my first thread post. So here's the cheese. I want to make Marcus Lehto's MK V remaster a reality. I need your help!! Specifically with unfolding the armor files. I've already made posts looking for someone to unfold them for me (willing to pay for your skill) in a couple of the...
  2. Scarlet Impaler

    3D printed BoomCo Halo AR fillers!

    Hello all! I modeled some fillers to print and use on the older BoomCo ARs. Just print them, pop them in, and use whatever filler you used on the screw holes. I also included a new ammo counter to print and a template to cover the "barrel."
  3. TheRealVictor

    Nerf Halo MA40- Repaint

    Hey everyone! I wanted to share my recent 1-Day project, a repaint of the Nerf Halo Assault Rifle! I'm working on the tutorial video for my youtube page but I wanted to share the results with you all. Feel free to ask any questions! The basic process was: disassembly, grey primer, black/ silver...
  4. Zoogami Snowfox

    Props Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Assault Rifle - Repaint/Build

    Finally getting back into costuming after a long hiatus, with a small fun prop build. A friend and I are working on repainting/modifying 3 of the new Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Assault Rifle's. So far we have sanded down the 'Nerf' 'Halo' 'small texts' and put on the first coat of primer. Over...
  5. QueenBHartigan

    Nerf Halo MA-40 light mods.

    Hello all! On my last post about the MA-40 on my ODST build, I said I was going to write up a thread on how to set up the lights in both the torch and ammo counter. I’m going to break this down into 3 sections: Introduction and what you need, the torch, and the ammo counter. Without further...
  6. FoxODST

    Props MA40 Nerf Mod and Repaint

    To get my self started before I begin working on my ODST build I decided to modify and repaint a Nerf MA40 I snagged at Gamestop. I used the attached screen grab for reference. There are a lot of paint schemes for the MA40 and it was hard to tell what was correct. I did not want to use the...
  7. KolinC

    Halo Infinite Assault Rifle

    After the recent gameplay reveal I may have fallen in love with the new AR design, so i spent the last few days throwing it together in blender for 3D printing. I went ahead and Split it into 13 pieces so it can be printed on smaller printers. If anyone wants to print it for themselves...
  8. sfritts10

    Props Halo MA5D BoomCo Conversion

    Hi everyone! Glad to be a member of the 405th Figured I’d make my first contribution by showing my first Halo prop, a BoomCo MA5D Assault Rifle repainted to represent a combination of the Halo 3 and Halo 4 versions of the AR. PHOTOS INBOUND, let me know what you guys think!
  9. CollinMcCaf

    MA5C Assault Rifle (H3)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! There are two versions, a static and a "functional" The "functional version" acts as though it's "jammed", you can pull the bolt and drop the mag but the gun...
  10. IronWolf

    Props Ma37 Assault rifle/M6G Magnum Showcase

    A little showcase of my work. Mostly made of ply wood and body filler for smoothening along with some PVC piping. Some minor touch ups are still in process this what i got so far. Hope you all enjoy.
  11. LordSloth

    Props My Halo 5 Boomco Blasters repainted and mounted on REQ Card backgrounds

    Over the past months, I've been grabbing some of the boomco blasters and modeling them up to look like some of the REQ's in Halo 5. Then I had the idea to paint a canvas like the REQ Card and mount the guns to the canvas. Here are the results below: Here's a look at all 4 of the guns...
  12. CPO mendez

    Props Mendez's 3D Printed Halo Guns!

    Heyo 405th! so, i have a thread over in the 3D modeling section where i'm basically just systematically going through and bringing every single gun from every single halo game into the 3D printing realm! now, obviously, i'm gonna make some of em! i've actually been working on and off for a...