1. DemonDuality

    Atriox 3d model and Chainbreaker dimensions?

    Hey everyone, been part of the group for a little bit but this is my first post so I'll cut to the chase. I have been wanting to make a life size replica of Escharum, Atriox or any other Banished Brute for quite some time, recently I found a "1.1 scale" Chainbreaker on Etsy though when I opened...
  2. Saber

    Life-Sized Brute (Jiralhanae) Costume

    Hello once again, members of the 405th! I am back after a long hiatus and the projects that I'm working on never seem to shrink. You've seen my work before: The life-sized Halo 4 Hunter, the life-sized Engineer, and now the life-sized Brute from Halo 2 Anniversary. This costume is a joint...