1. Spartan J114

    Spartan 114's Mjolnir MK V Armour

    How's it going everyone. I'm Spartan 114 and I've been a Halo cosplayer/prop maker for about 3 years now and I've been using the 405th website for most of my journey. I never posted anything because of my lack of quality camera, I have recently replaced my old phone with a new one and as such I...
  2. TOWLBiscuits

    Halo Reach Mjolnir Mk V - foam build

    Hey all, It's been awhile scene I've posted any of my work so I may as well get a new thread going. This time I'm jumping on the trend of NSW Aussies building Reach armour and once again I'm aiming for Supanova in June. So far I've got the legs and arms done. I'm planning on using...
  3. Sierra 107

    RTXAU '17 Attendance Roster

    Hey all! RTX Sydney 2017 is coming up next month! Super exciting. In this thread, I'd like to ask that anybody with plans of attending post in here to let us know (and to form a roster) so that we know who's coming! In your post, please follow these guidelines so that we can get as much info...
  4. Sierra 107

    405AUS Event Calender: 2017

    In this thread details events that the Australian Regiment will be participating in from 1JAN to 31NOV. At this point in time, there are likely to be events such as photo-shoots, building days and others, while there are also others that people may suggest. Please post in this thread if you're...
  5. ODST Stryder

    Props Australian Mitsubishi Lancer UNSC Branding

    Hi All, Apologies for my absence of late, there were some lengthy personal matters. My first post for 2017 will be the paint and UNSC stamping of my Mitsubishi Lancer, something I’ve been looking to do since I was but a boy. My first phase, well attempt, of this project was almost a year...