battle rifle

  1. A

    Halo 3 BR

    In search of a 3D printable file of the Halo 2 or 3 BR. Any help in acquiring this would be much appreciated.
  2. Bucs37DK

    Halo 2 Anniversary BR55

    Oh hey there everybody...long time no see? Once we finished The Answer we decided to tackle something a bit more...manageable. A kind of light weight, "I need a break from all my power weapons" kind of gun. Enter the Halo 2 Anniversary BR55. So first things first. We pulled the game asset...
  3. mike bike

    Battle Rifle foam board build

    after viewing sierra jeep's build decided to give it a go
  4. mike bike

    Foam weapon building

    For sliced files like Halo 4 - UNSC Weapon - BR85 Battle Rifle 1.0 Its the battle rile if you can't open that. Do you use eva foam? I don't think if theres a bunch of layers it would end of being like 1 foot wide, so its either 3mm or 5mm foam used or a combo of both is there any way to know for...
  5. SierraJeep

    Halo 2A/5 Battle Rifle BR55

    FINISHED RIFLE ON PAGE 3 Hey guys! Just made an acc, but i've been lurking for years. This month i started another prop build and finally decided to share this with you all. (Mainly because i have actually been taking progress photos lol) Let me know if you have any questions! Here's the main...