1. tahu505

    Tahu fire sword build / Tahu cosplay

    Yes I'm finally living up to my name haha. So over a year ago at this point I made Toa Tahu's kanohi hau and a model of his fire sword a few months after. In a month im going to a convention so im going to try building the sword and putting everything together into a somewhat casual costume...
  2. tahu505

    Life Sized 3D Models of Bionicle Props

    I haven't modeled anything in a while so I made a life sized version Tahu's fire sword. (who could have guessed that I would make this) Just wanted to make something quick and fun. I might make life sized 3D models of the other Toa weapons/tools from Bionicle and if I do I'll post them here...
  3. tahu505

    Kanohi Hau

    I made a life sized Kanohi Hau, the mask of shielding, from Bionicle. I made it a couple months ago for my university's 3D printing club pop culture themed competition. Just wanted to share some pics of it, hope you guys enjoy! Here are some of the progress pics too