1. Jeffw773

    [Tutorial] How to make/view/export your own Halo Spartans in Blender

    The following video will help users inexperienced/experienced with Blender quickly build their dream Halo Infinite armor set (as well as other armor sets from the other games at the bottom of this post). This can be helpful for brainstorming cool cosplay ideas, experimenting with paint jobs and...
  2. Jellied

    Mark VII Models

    Greetings Spartans, hope you all have been enjoying the launch of Halo Infinite's campaign as much as I have! I recently decided that it was time to get off my ass and start learning Blender, and figured that the perfect place to start would be with the Mark VII helmet. I got my chops in CAD a...
  3. S

    Pepakura textures

    Hi . I have a problem with pepakura . When I try to import an .obj blender file it has no textures or any kind of color . I tried to enable the "set material to faces" but it gives me only the gray textures of blender . P.S. I have textures/colors on my blender file . Can anyone help me with this ?
  4. N

    M808 Scorpion Practical Redesign

    Hey 405th, the Scorpion is one of my all time favorite vehicles of gaming, and is pretty well known for having a weird unpractical design. (The gun turret is raised like that to shoot players that get too close BTW, that's why it is weird). Anyways I have started a model that tries to find a...
  5. Rusty 714

    Blender problem cuz im a noob

    I am trying to learn the basics of animating in blender because I want to make simple halo animations... but I cant figure out how to add a camera. As you can see, the camera option is greyed out and I don't know how to fix that. heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have no idea what I'm doing...
  6. Hekok

    Halo 5 Achilles Progress build

    So with HOD coming to Houston at August 16th, I'll try attending there, with a suit of Achilles armor. Now, it is only a month away, and I am currently modifying a in-game model of the armor through Blender. I've posted a couple of other things before asking about adding extra detailing and some...
  7. Hekok

    How to enhance models based on model textures?

    So I've been attempting to enhance the models of the Achilles set of which I plan to make on Pepakura, but I've really only dabbled a bit on Blender and didn't want to make the armor inaccurate. The post of Enhancing models by Chernobyl didn't do much to help as it never showed how to enhance...
  8. 3

    Shift Into Turbo! A Power Ranger/Carranger Log (Red Racer)

    Hello and thank you for taking time to wonder into this thread. As a fan of both the Power Ranger and Super Sentai Franchises, I've always wanted to create and own one of my own. Over the years, I've seen plenty of Con Attendees cosplay as characters from Mighty Morphin/Zyuranger series. As much...