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  1. ODCA

    Foam ODCA's infinite Fred-104 armor build

    Hello, lovely people of the 405th, I think it's about time I started building an armor set of my own again! we're planning to have a Mexican regiment reunion by this year's December, and I've got to show up in armor! I've decided to go with the halo infinite style of Fred's armor (as seen on...
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  3. Charlie13

    Spartan 058 incoming! -or- A dude making Linda Armor (Extremely Pic-Heavy)

    Hi there everyone! Most of you might not know me since Im registered "forever" but dont really post much about my projects around here. ANYWAY, as a Veteran in Halo and foam-armor I decided do start my 3rd Halo suit. (Yeah thats right Ive come a long way ^^'. pics of my older projects below...
  4. Sierra 107

    Halo 5 - Master Chief Petty Officer John-117

    Hello all! I should have started the thread back when I started this build, but alas, I didn't. Firstly, a huge thanks to whereisdanielle and thatdamnjodie for helping me get this far. Without them, it's likely that I would have gained no traction on building in such a short time span. And with...