1. Rusty 714

    Power Rangers Wild Force Blue Cosplay

    IM FINALLY DOING IT MOOOOM!!! IM FINALLY GONNA BE A POWER RANGER!!!! ... ahem... anyway... 3DVagabond Power rangers wild force blue helmet kit arrived today :D. It looks amazing and I dint think im going to have to sand it very much. Still gonna have to sand it tho, just not alot. I've...
  2. Rusty 714

    Halo 3 red spartan build

    Hey guys! This is my first cosplay ever! I have been looking around here for a while (you guys are awsome btw) and I finally decided what character I wanted to be! Simmons from Red V Blue! Originally I was going to do an elite but I realized that's way harder than a spartan with all the stilts...