1. RandomRanger

    Halo 3: Battle Rifle build

    I'm building a Halo 3 Battle Rifle from EVA-50 foam. I'll be using these files as resources, provided in raw by TurboCharizard and modified by me. Here's what that looks like printed out at scale Here is the original source image as provided by the great TurboCharizard And his notes:
  2. marscreature

    Props BR55 foam build

    Doing my 1st weapon build and I chose the BR55 because I love Halo 2 and I already have the Boomco MA5. Started with Wizard of Flight's H3 Battle Rifle blueprint, then scaled it so I could print it full size. Cut it out then traced and cut it out of the foam. Planning on using 1/2" PVC for the...
  3. Alpha

    Props Halo 2 Anniversary BR55

    Oh hey there everybody...long time no see? Once we finished The Answer we decided to tackle something a bit more...manageable. A kind of light weight, "I need a break from all my power weapons" kind of gun. Enter the Halo 2 Anniversary BR55. So first things first. We pulled the game asset...
  4. mike bike

    Props Battle Rifle foam board build

    after viewing sierra jeep's build decided to give it a go
  5. SierraJeep

    Props Halo 2A/5 Battle Rifle BR55

    FINISHED RIFLE ON PAGE 3 Hey guys! Just made an acc, but i've been lurking for years. This month i started another prop build and finally decided to share this with you all. (Mainly because i have actually been taking progress photos lol) Let me know if you have any questions! Here's the main...