build log

  1. e0verlord

    1st Build Halo Reach Build (Female Armor Log)

    First time for everything! I've been dreaming about this for years, and it's about time I got started doing it!! My inspiration is from Halo: Reach, the game that was so beautifully constructed around the destruction of Reach (Never Forget), and seeing one's armor configuration appear in the...
  2. KGSupreme

    1st Build The Red ODST Halo: Reach build log.

    Intro: Hello everyone. I figured now was about time that I stopped lurking and started posting my own build log, I'll try to organize it for fast browsing. I have wanted to build my own armor set based off my custom armor from Halo: Reach, it's been nearly a full decade since that game came out...
  3. mblackwell1002

    Halo 3 Hornet Pilot

    Hey folks! Been a while! So a while ago i started a project with Hitbox Workshop. He commissioned me to model a helmet for him for 3D printing and molding. Fast forward til now, casts have been made and i just finished up my personal cast. Without further ado, here’s the finished bucket: I...
  4. mblackwell1002

    Custom Halo Helmet Project - Based off of personal concept art

    So, this isn't really a type of project that one would typically find on this site. In this build, I will be making a helmet of my own design that is intended to fit in the Halo universe. Here's a break down of the build: At this point in the build, I have mostly drawn the helmet. I still have...
  5. SkyBox

    Halo 5 Noble Armor Build (First Build, W.I.P)

    Hey guys! This is gonna be my first build and I have decided to base it off of my favorite armor from halo 5, That being the Noble armor set! Currently I am very early in creating this and have only just started on the forearms I plan to start with the forearms as previously stated then move on...