build process

  1. Rei 0793

    My Spartan way (Halo 4 master chief)

    This is my first post of process for my first build armor, i want to publish my results of each part of this beautiful process of Master chief Armor from halo 4, yn this case i will alternate with EVA FOAM and 3D Printed, i hope you give me advices and tips for obtain great results!! i loviu...
  2. HydrolicToaster

    My progress on Gen 3 armor

    Update post! I'm really excited to continue on this journey so I thought I'd share where I am with it and what I learned. I'm hoping other newer people can grab some tips from this and the more experienced people can help guide me where to go next. As always, shout out to the legend MoeSizzlac...
  3. McCool

    3D printed molds

    Okay, some of you may have seen my previous contribution in the form of a .stl for the MKVII base shoulder. This is something else. This is what I hope will be an evolution in two major processes of armor manufacture. A handmade fiberglass helmet usually starts out as a pepakura that is then...
  4. jegatherdomnai

    Halo Mark VI master chief Armour Build (starting up)

    now I made a costume of what I thought master chief should look like in the halo game after halo infinite but, I haven't made halo 4/5 master chief so anyway, I decided to make it