1. ProfugoBarbatus

    Prof's Halo 3 Marine - Rookie Build

    Hello all, new blood here, y'all can call me Prof or Tyler. Got dragged into all this by a friend, and ended up doing the whole thing backwards. Went to a con, then went to a shoot, then joined the forums, and finally started a build. Halo 3 was a defining halo for me, even above and beyond...
  2. Rambow13

    1st Build CQC Helmet Reach build

    Hey all, been a member here for a few years, always wanted to try my own project but never dove in. Recently purchased a 3d printer(Kobra Max), so i no longer have any excuse not to. For my first halo project i decided to go with one of my favorite helmets, the CQC. The file is the...
  3. BigDaveActual

    EVA/Fiberglass Hybrid Master Chief Build

    Howdy! Lost the info for my old account so here I am on the new one! Just wanted to share my first armor build with y'all! I don't have many pics of the build process but I collected all I could. This build was about 3-4 years ago. THE BUILD: I made the base out of EVA and painted it but...
  4. foxman45

    Sarah Palmer Armor male build?

    Hello, I have been finding lots of files of Sarah Palmer's scout armor and I love the look for it but my general question was does the chest piece look too feminine for a male to wear? I think there is extruded parts for the breasts but I didn't know if it would work well on a man. (Photo from...
  5. BigMoney911

    Need an Emergency Visor Solution - Motorcycle Visor did not arrive and Con is next week.

    Hey team. I'm almost finished my Mark V suit. Just need to do some sealing and painting. For the helmet, I ordered a cheap motorcycle visor on Aliexpress over two months ago... and it hasn't arrived. The estimated delivery was supposed to be for the 21st.. .of September, and tracking isn't...
  6. SpartanxNation

    my custom Halo Armor

    This is my own design the I am Attempting to transfer into an EVA foam helmet.
  7. PapaBraus

    Build thread - Pizza

    Today we are going to build a pizza. Why? Because pizza. I hate dominoes, Papa John's, and all the other big name guys. Why? Because I'm better. This is MY homemade sauce recipe. Do not deviate from this or you will end up with sub par pizza. This is the pizza and pasta magic referenced...
  8. Sylenn1537

    New Builder - Paper Build Hardening Tips?

    I was wondering if I could get some tips on hardening paper builds (cardstock 110lbs). After my last build, I tried the technique of hardening with fiberglass resin. Even with only applying a very thin layer, it's like the paper soaks up the liquid and the paper starts to deform / sag. I know...
  9. Caleb Ellis

    Props Master Chief CE Build (with mods!)

    My brother and I are making a Halo CE version of the Master Chief, and we have plans for many cool add ons. We have much of it made on paper from Armorsmith, and upon finding fiberglass very expensive, we used papier mache'. I will attached photos below as we get each part finished. Some of the...
  10. R1g0rM0rt1s

    Recon GEN2 helmet build (w/ progress pics)

    Hey all! This is my first project. I hope you like it! So I started off by picking up a raw cast of the Recon GEN2 helmet on etsy, as I don't have any sculpting experience. By far the longest part of this build was waiting for the helmet to arrive. When it finally arrived, I got to work...
  11. MajWood

    Starting Elite Honor guard

    hey there folks, I’m finally doing a passion project that I’ve wanted to do for years! Elite Honor guard from Halo 2, I hope to be done with it before halo infinite and the anual Florence minor league baseball game this coming year. Much thanks to blind luck for coming upon the post by Cadet...
  12. Shon

    HelioSkrill Build

    Build thread for my helioskrill suit, Tips and suggestions are welcome
  13. RagtagVenom

    Armor Suggestions

    Hey there, I’m trying to pool some Suggestions together for some much needed Updates to my suit. Basically the only parts I’m absolutely happy with are my Helmet, my Torso, and my boots; everything else was done in a hurry to get Con-Ready and are basically just thrown together. My question is...
  14. animeloverlela

    Teishin Raikou Helmet Build

    Hello! I bought a Teishin Raikou 3d printed helmet a couple of weeks ago from Alpha to Zeta Industries akaBucs37DK, and it had arrived late last night. I gotta say, I absolutely love it. It came in 12 pieces (as requested) and now I have to work on putting it together. The challenge is, I have...
  15. Sword Breaker

    Artorias-First Foam build. Need some .pdo help.

    Hello one and all, fellow members of 405th! After the success of my Umbrella corp cosplay, I got rehooked to cosplay so I decided to make one of my favourite lore and look wise charachters: Artorias, Knight of the Abyss. After some digging, I found a fellow member's finds of some foam pdo...
  16. wolfriordan

    My first Pepakura/first halo cosplay.

    Greetings, I am Connor, a rather fresh recruit here, I am no stranger to cosplay, but only recently have broken into armour. I will be attending Dragoncon this year and am desperate to come in a set of custom ODST armour. I've loved the concept since Halo 2 and the design since 3. I will...
  17. The Makyr


    So what's up guys, been here for some time but I haven't really been posting anything. So this is my first thread and I'll be sharing my build on the master chief from halo 4/5. I've actually been working on this for some time so I have learned A LOT about proportions/scaling, body types...
  18. UrbanODST

    Ultimate ODST helmet

    Hey guys I am new to the 405th but i am not new to the halo universe. First lets start off with the details of my project. We all know the ODST visor was able to be come clear and then opaque in Halo 3 ODST, but I have figured it out.(and its not some lights in the inside of the helmet) My new...
  19. D

    Fallout: New Vegas NCR Armor Build (Help?)

    So I've been planning to build some sort of EVA foam armor for a while now, I have foam heat gun knives basically all of the tools I need but I've had trouble with a few things. 1. I couldn't decide on armor that I liked and would be easy 2. Templates are a pain to find (at least for me) 3...
  20. S

    Destiny Spektar Build (Completely from scratch EVA foam)

    Hey all, I have been working on this suit for a very long time but I have finally finished. If you guys have any questions or comments please feel free to give me a holla, either on here on on my youtube channel (I check youtube regularly).... Anyways I will be uploading some more professional...