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  4. NScry990

    Finished ODST Cosplay!

    worked on this for about 5 months and am so proud of how the final product turned out! I will soon make a tutorial series on youtube on how to make this exact armor! youtube channel---AlphaWolfArmory--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K_VyavYHBo&t=300s FEET FIRST TROOPERS!!
  5. diamondmarine

    Destiny Warlock Bond commission? or..?

    Hey guys, can someone point me in the direction of who can laser cut or make this for me? I am a painter and weathering things is my forte, as well as makeup and sewing..but LED and acrylics etc is not my expertise. The Iron Saga bond is what I am looking to have completed: here, and here...
  6. MunsterMahkus

    Destiny-Lord Saladhead

    First Post wooh!! For comic con I decided to go as Lord Saladin from destiny, this was my first full armor build and oh boy did I learn a lot (especially the heat). Overall it was a great learning experience and makes me want to build a warlock suit. Below will be the finished suit along with...