1. Revanchist47

    Halo 4 Mark V helmet visor help

    I'm currently working on Caboose's Halo 4 armor, and I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for the helmet visor. Most of what I see are flat screens curved to fit the helmet, but I want more of the slightly domed look from the game. I would also appreciate any suggestions for coloring/tinting...
  2. Dirtdives2424

    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    Hey guys, DD here on my next build......OK I'm building it, but it's for my daughter. She recently finished watching all of RvB ......for the 2nd or 3rd time.....and as I said in her other build thread (Iieda Engin), she decided to put it on hold, and wanted a Caboose suit. So, lets get...
  3. F

    Mark V Motorcylce Visor Suggestions

    Hello All!!! I am finally getting around to my caboose build and I am in need of help. I am trying to find good motorcycle visors to use for my Mark V helmet. Any ideas? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated.
  4. locostorm

    Red vs Blue Caboose costume.

    Hey guys! It's been a wile since I have posted on here so I thought I would show you guys some new pics of my armor. These where taken when I was doing my senior pics so hopefully they look good. Let me know what you guys think! And now to get a bit off topic. Make sure to check out the halo 5...