1. TheTrenchSlayer

    Edmonton Alberta area help?

    I’m very new to all of this and I’m a fan of the halo universe since 2008 when I was 5 and I live in the Edmonton Alberta Canada area and was wondering if anyone could help or possibly give hand me downs my head size is 62 my height is 63 and I weigh about 200. I’m really into the ODST armor...
  2. TurboCharizard

    Possible Battalion: Delta Battalion - Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

    So I've been watching as people have been popping out of the woodwork on the coast and we're at the point where we could set up a sub unit within the Regiment for everyone around the Fraser River Delta which comes with a cool name of Delta Battalion. Current forum folks that frequent the...
  3. TurboCharizard

    CoVaCon 2018 (Canadian Regiment - Vancouver Island)

    Unggoy, Spartans, lend me your ears! I'm here with the strange opportunity to give you both a Convention and a Prop Party all in one! I'll be running a knife making workshop at CoVaCon on Sunday April 15th from 14:00 to 16:30 along with a pair of Mando Mercs who go by the name of Obsessive...