1. BlizzyBee

    Scaling Centurion Armor Helmet Halo 5 help

    hej there everyone :) i'm a new member to the 405th forums but ive been a maker for a few years now, although i am new to pepakura and thats where im asking for help i've followed several guides on scaling halo armor for pep but i cant seem to get it right ( i guess i have a weird head shape)...
  2. Rinzlerr

    Halo 5 Centurion foam build [and possibly 3d printed]

    okay guess this is a first time build thread. been slowly working on this the last few months forming the chestpiece more revisions and test fitting more details reference material camera puns aside shooting for T3 with this build
  3. J

    Measuring Centurion Helmet

    I was recently about to start up a project on a Centurion helmet and I was doing some measurements (My first time doing this) and I measured my head with a straight ruler and I got about 10 inches roughly, I wasn't sure if this would be right and so I plugged my number 10 inches + 1 for a total...
  4. Hackjale

    Looking for something bulky...

    Hey all! Summer's started and i've got a bunch of foam rolls I want to get to work with. A couple weeks ago I put together a mishmash of armour pieces from Halo 4 into Armorsmith Designer to get a feel of what kind of things I could do, looking toward whereisdanielle's Kelly for inspiration as...