1. CaminusPrime

    Caminus Prime's INFINITE Masterchief Build <WIP>

    Hey all! I'm posting here as I think I'm far enough into getting my halo infinite Masterchief build ready to start posting about it! If you haven't seen my builds before I build primarily with Pepakura using the paper and fiberglass method! I also throw in vacuum forming, 3D printing and a few...
  2. Biskt

    1st Build Biskt's Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for about 7 years now and have recently decided to get back into the hobby! I made a couple of EVA/Fiberglass Iron Man suits before I started University but haven't really made a suit since I left home (almost 5 years ago now!) I'm also a 3D artist...
  3. HudsonForge

    Foam [FINISHED] Halo 5 MC foam speedbuild!

    UPDATE: All finished! The undersuit needs work and some straps but I'm not wearing this set out any time soon so I'm in no hurry. Just glad the armor itself is made. I took a small break during the holidays and made very little progress, then finished the set off recently. All in all this...
  4. Rusty 714

    Halo 3 red spartan build

    Hey guys! This is my first cosplay ever! I have been looking around here for a while (you guys are awsome btw) and I finally decided what character I wanted to be! Simmons from Red V Blue! Originally I was going to do an elite but I realized that's way harder than a spartan with all the stilts...
  5. ObiJ3ff

    Halo Reference Pics

    So here is where i am going to posting some Halo Reference pics for anyone to use. I have been recording & pulling screen frames from the halo cinematic scenes & hope they can be to some use to some people when making or detailing a spartan suite.
  6. Hackjale

    Looking for something bulky...

    Hey all! Summer's started and i've got a bunch of foam rolls I want to get to work with. A couple weeks ago I put together a mishmash of armour pieces from Halo 4 into Armorsmith Designer to get a feel of what kind of things I could do, looking toward whereisdanielle's Kelly for inspiration as...